Brazilian Woman Forced to Carry Fetus Without a Brain

by Alex DiBranco
June 21, 2010

Soon after I wrote about Brazil's strict criminalization of abortion in almost all cases, a judge has decided to get even stricter, ruling that a woman pregnant with a fetus that has no brain cannot access an abortion. The judge's rationale? That an abortion would violate the "right to life" mandated by Brazilian law.

Let's be clear: the fetus has no brain. It is not alive, and it will never be alive. It is an empty vessel, a bundle of flesh that will never be a living human being. The judge is forcing a woman to carry and nourish a lifeless vessel, out of some strange belief that the "right to life" applies to something that can never be alive.

The judge ruled that the abortion could not proceed because the woman's life was not in imminent danger, although even in harshly anti-choice countries, usually severe fetal abnormalities can be grounds for an abortion. Furthermore, while the woman's might not be at immediate risk of death, pregnancy is always accompanied by certain risks, and carrying to term and giving birth is a more dangerous endeavor than having an abortion. And the judge is putting this woman's life in harm's way for what purpose, exactly?

And that's just physical health. What about the toll this decision has on the woman's mental health. While we know little about the pregnant woman, it's probable that she was looking forward to being an expectant mother. She may have been crushed when she learned that she would not have this baby to raise, because the fetus lacked a key necessity for life. No doubt, whatever her circumstances, she wants to get the lifeless body out of her as soon as possible, so she can move on. Instead, she's subjected to the prolonged psychological torment of forced pregnancy that can never result in the birth of a living baby.

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How disgusting. If I were her, I would leave the country... or try to. This is so sick.
Reading about things like this make me so mad...
If men could get pregnant, the whole anti-abortion lobby would not be as strong. It is not that this rule is even in the bible or anything. In fact, did this same god that is attributed with coming up with this rule not tell his followers to go to war and kill all men and women? Yes indeed, that includes pregnant women as well.
Yes, this is so sickening.
I really can't stand these anti-choicers and any country. Sure, the title "Pro-life" sounds so nice and peaceable and "good" to be able to call yourself or your country. However, I have never come across a pro-choice person who is necessarily advocating abortions, preaching them, or who believes "killing babies," is cool or fun. When and if a "life" is a life, is a personal, not federal decision (and in this case...clear FACT that it is not life!). Religion should NEVER be allowed to play a role in a whole society leveling the rule down for everyone of every religion, or NONE at all, and furthermore....abortions do NOT boil down to irresponsible people who like to do as they please - no consequences...Those rights must be supported for such cases as this, horrifying abnormalities that are CLEARLY untreatable; pregnancies that do more damage than good, and bottom line, a woman not being told by a certain society what she will or will not do with her own body and for her own best interests. *sigh, I know all you wonderful ladies already know all this, it's just such an angering subject! >D


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