I'm sure at this point most of you are aware of Romney's "binders full of women" comment in the second presidential debate. I'm actually a little surprised that this topic hasn't come up here yet.

I'm curious, what do you all think of this comment? Was it just a bad choice of words? Was it indicative of deeper feelings Romney has toward women? Was it indicative of something else? Is it even a comment worth discussing and/or making a big deal out of it? How do you personally feel about the comment? Do you think it will affect how anyone votes in November?

You could always google the phrase "Binders full of women" or here's a link for a little background info: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/oct/17/romney-binders-full-of-...

And here's a link for entertainment: http://bindersfullofwomen.tumblr.com/

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What I didn't like was his intro to that comment..."Well if you're going to have women in the workplace...." In his world women should be home playing house maid.

Full disclosure: I don't identify as Dem or Rep, and I have already voted for Obama.

I believe that this comment, like others, is indicative of Romney's ignorance regarding anyone who is not a rich, white male.  More concerning than his ignorance, for he did not choose to be born a rich, white male, is his complete lack of effort or desire to understand and address the issue.

During the debate, Romney mentioned women several times.  However, these comments appeared awkward and out of place.  In my opinion, it's likely that Romney was given several talking points about women to plug during the debate.  I say this, because he did not take care to consider how he might best convey these points to a group of people that are often overlooked and pigeonholed.  While his comments regarding women were not always as ridiculously humorous as, "binders full of women,", they all felt (to me) self-centered and callous.  I cannot recall one comment that conveyed a deeper understanding of the blind bias that grips this nation (and others) with regard to any marginalized group, and that includes women (if you have evidence or opinion to the contrary regarding Romney's comments, please enlighten me, for I am not currently staring at a transcript but merely reflecting upon the memory of the previous night which is hardly an objective process).

Will this affect the vote in November?  It's my understanding that Obama carried the majority of women voters up to the second debate.  Will these comments help Romney gain ground with women? I'd be shocked if they did.  Could he lose some votes?  Sure.  Will he lose enough votes for it to effect the election in a significant way in November?  I doubt it.

How many Mormon elders who are women can you count on the fingers of your left hand?

On your left amputated hand.

Or as Tag Romney might have said:

Coming from a man whose own religion until recently supported the concept and practice of polygamy I would venture to say that Mr. Romney still thinks a woman's place is assuming the role of housemaid and popping out babies.  His patronizing attitude surfaces despite his best efforts to keep it out of sight. I would wager that if Utah still had the freedom to practice polygamy that Ann would be sharing her husband's bed.

If Clinton had said this would we be more or less concerned?

There was recently a very funny atheist joke posted on one of the blogs at TA.  

That's great! Just look at Obama's face, that says it all --!

"Aw geez, Bill, NOW?"

@ Jessica - he is also robotic - he would have learned to control real emotion from indoctrination from the year he was born - that is how it works - he has opened up his brain by these off the cuff remarks - from he doesn't care about the 47% etc, then say the 50% of women, he cheesed off the Mayor of London, his reputation for gaffs is catching up to George W. already. What does that say about xian Republicans? He wouldn't know anything about the American people. 

Just thinking of Romney performing Devo's Whip It.

Like most people in power, he could maybe 'do the right thing', just by accident? The Public TV and Big Bird comment has galvanized the base for donations to this worthy cause! On my FB page I did suggest that maybe Romney is on the OPB marketing payroll?


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