So, fellow middle-Georgians, who else thinks the controversy over the Warner Robins High School mascot (the Demons) is absolutely fucking stupid?

If anyone isn't aware of what's going on:

So stupid....

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Oh I'm pretty sure it's come up before... but I think this is the biggest stink that's been raised.

The guy got arrested on Monday or Tuesday for protesting on school grounds without a permit... I was hoping he'd keep going back and getting arrested again for a few days. XD
He did. He was arrested again today! LOL!
LMAO! Seriously? That just makes my day.
Hey, Galen, I'm with you on this one. If you listen to this pastor, he's just using language of someone who's viewing it from a completely emotional angle, though. His voice is dripping with fervor. He's not using his brain. On that video, he's shaking a picture of the firework-shooting demon statue (it's just plain ugly and poorly crafted if you've ever seen it IRL) and saying, "There's nothin' that look like somethin' that has to do with the Air Force."

Of course there's not going to be an airplane on a field for a high school football game. Everyone seems to understand this except him and the tiny legion of evangelical, radical jeebus-freaks he commands. I say that in all seriousness, too. Here's a link to their church. The one for the Georgia branch is down.

Having grown up in Warner Robins, I've known my fair share of religious leaders and their children. I've even got quite a few in my family, and not one person I've ever known has given two fraks about the mascot at WRHS. I think this dude should reevaluate his principles.

I was going to say that there are probably places where he could do some good in the world, but after reading over his church's website, it's just terrifying. That's a whole other topic, though.
Just checked out the homepage for that church... and I have to wonder what they mean by not confusing celibacy with abstinence. Seems like a fine line there, if there is one at all.
Celibacy is not having sex at all, ever, for any reason. Abstinence is just waiting until you get married and then having sex with your spouse. The latter is a temporary constraint while the former is a permanent one.
I've never heard of celibacy necessarily being a permanent thing, except in cases where a person took a vow of permanent celibacy to go into the priesthood or whatnot. I've most often heard it used to refer to a temporary period of voluntary sexual inactivity (usually by someone who has been sexually active in the past).
It is used that way, yes, but that's a colloquial usage and is incorrect. When people say "I'm being celibate for a while" what they mean is "I'm abstaining for a while." Celibacy is a commitment not to EVER have sex.
Interesting. New information ftw! XD
Hehe, well, it's information that I'd really only expect a religious person to know. Had I not been interested in the ministry when I was younger, I wouldn't know it either.

Regardless, it's pretty useless info and I don't plan on being either abstinent nor celibate :)


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