The more I think about it, the more I'm determined to get out there and combat the forces of insanity. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron are sending out their minions, and I think it's a good idea to scoop up as many copies of those as possible. Plus, it would be interesting to compare them to a real copy of Origin of Species to see where any edits have been made.

I'm going to take that day off from work if at all humanly possible and go up to either Emory or Georgia Tech and see if I can find out where they're going to be handing out copies. Anyone else interested in joining me?

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That'd be awesome if only I could afford to take off work. I think maybe they chose a Thursday intentionally. All of us who actually have lives and jobs would find it harder to go confront them. Hard to believe that this bullshit IS their job!
And there are some benefits to a well-paid retail job, one of which is days off during the week.
*sigh* This is what I get for working for the gub'ment as a low paid public servant. Ah well. I hope you get volunteers and take plenty of video for youtube!
Aww. My roommate works for the DoD, but as a very well-paid engineer. I'm so envious sometimes. All that money and all those government holidays!
They've hidden the itinerary, specifically in order to prevent those 'horrible atheist people' from getting ahold of their books. Odd, you'd think they didn't want to try to convince us or something.

I wouldn't mind picking up a few copies down at Tech myself, even if Emory would be closer. It's been a while since I was last at my alma mater.
And if you read Ray's version, you still won't have read Origins. Not all of it, anyway.

The original printing had 4 chapters left out. Oddly enough, these were the chapters describing the best evidence for evolution.

After he got called on that by Eugenie Scott (Yay Genie!), Ray announced that the new, second printing would contain those 4 chapters. But then Eugenie pointed out that there was still parts of the book missing. Several images, graphs, etc. And I think that Darwin's introduction is still missing, too.
Ray may be in trouble over the plagiarism after all. It seems that the original author is considering legal action.
Oh, and if you want a free copy of Origin...
I don't blame you, I bought one myself.
"Were people really that stupid?" And I can say, "Yes."

That is possibly the greatest quote ever. Also, I unfortunately will not be able to make it to either Emory or GT on the 19th.


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