cast your vote against the phrase "In God We Trust" on Georgia Plates at

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I will be in Atlanta in November for a day or two and may attempt to rent a car. I will object to the wording on the plate and let them know that I am disgusted with them. Then I will put my “I don’t care for your god” on the rear before I drive away. I am finding it difficult to get arrested for blasphemy in Ireland so maybe my luck will change. I wonder what David Silverman of AA would say if he got a rental there ;-)

Well to be fair the sticker is entirely optional. Someone has to own the car and say, "Yes, I want the God sticker". It's not actually part of the license plate. I guess that's how it's easier to get away with it. My plate has the standard county sticker.

It's not right that the government provides them, but at least it's not quite the same as the 'lovely' Dollar bills. Sure you can marker over the "In God We Trust' on them if you're inclined, but they come that way off the press. :-(

I seriously want an "In FSM We Trust" sticker to put in the same spot on my license plate just to mess with people. I wonder if that would be 'illegal' haha. That's when I'd furiously protest.

Oh and, welcome to Atlanta in advance Reg!

If you get a rental, it could have been registered in any state so it's possible that it will have a different state tag from the state that you are visiting.

It's not pre-printed on the license plate. They offer you a sticker with the motto on it at the tag office. Sometimes. When I registered my vehicle, the lady didn't ask if I wanted one. They didn't have any of the stickers sitting around. Also, there was no sign that I saw that notified people in line that they could also get an "In God We Trust" sticker, but that could have just been I was. Even still, it's a heavily religious area, and quite frankly I was surprised at how little it was played up.

Those stickers are also free.

Now I want one !!!

I want a million of them, that should cost the righteous a bit of cash. :)


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