cast your vote against the phrase "In God We Trust" on Georgia Plates at

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I am so disgusted by the attempt to place "god" on the states license plates. I have voted on the AJC page, and the Department of Revenue site. I have, also, sent an email. The state doesn't even need to spend the money for new plates much less put "GOD" on them. Ergh... Hopefully though, if we "get" the "In God We Trust" on the plate, it will be covered by the county sticker.

Deedee- I share your disgust. I've notified the FFRF and they are sending letters too. Thanks for getting involved!


Great idea about the FFRF. I was considering that option as well. I follow their proceedings and am a member.

Well it says that you can pay an additional $1 to get the god sticker. Doesn't say it's on the plate. You can put it over the county sticker, if you want.
They can do that if they want, as long as mine doesn't have it.

They should provide other stickers for other faiths and for non believers.

That was my point when I wrote to the state concerning the tags and stickers, but I'm sure they just didn't get the point, and/or just don't care.

In Atheism we Trust! Tadah lol 

In TIPU We Trust!

I want to get a sticker the same size that says "In FSM We Trust" and put it on and see if anyone notices.

Sadly I don't see this going away at this point and I see them everywhere.

All Non-Theists in Georgia will now need to carry a rechargeable screwdriver, upon seeing a parked car with this offensive propaganda, a simple 30 second operation and the propaganda is headed for the nearest circular file.

It's actually a sticker that goes over the county name on the license plate. All you have to do is peel it off.

@the Hawk:

But it would be more fun to toss the whole plate. :D


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