I want to hear which you think is better, real reasons please. Not just, well I think Mac is stupid and for hipsters..or Aw PCs are for poor people..or crap like that. Thank you :)

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It says something about who they (Apple corporate) are that this is the market they want to take advantage of. To me, that's a "real reason" in terms of Mac vs PC.

I have no doubt.

A lot of people without much in the way of means could probably compete with or even surpass the results professionals get, if they could only afford the software.

Honestly, this is a personal decision. I use PC because the interface is better for me. I like to be able to customize things on my computer (like I can have little gadgets on my home screen like a time and weather app that always displays the time and weather). Apple products in general are very rigid in their interface, so it is difficult to customize your device, there are just less options which is good for some. I like my iPhone and my iPad because they are really good devices (they have great virus protection and good battery life). I do like the android App Store a little better, but that is getting off topic. Macs are great if you have very basic computer needs (send an e-mail now and again, go online, type a document/spread sheet, edit videos) but not so good if you want to be programming software, have more customizing options, and (in my opinion) a much better interface. Macs tend to be a little more expensive, so if you want cost effective go with a cheap windows laptop rather than a really expensive mac. In general I do find macs have better anti-virus software. If you really want something great get a mac and download windows 7 on it.

I think the major vulnerability of either type of machine has become the user, not the hardware or OS. Experts say both Microsoft and Apple are doing a good job of keeping vulnerabilities out of their systems. The two weaknesses are that the bad guys concentrate on getting into PC's simply because there are more of them. Also, the vulnerability has largely switched from direct backdoor intrusions to using social engineering to trick users into downloading and installing malware.

What is the point of antivirus software or keeping your OS up to date if you're so eager to see a supposed video of Princess Kate nude that you'll ignore all warnings that the file is unsafe? Well, it's not always like that. Sometimes you download a seemingly useful utility but it has some sort of trojan horse inside. And it may not be that they're even interested in what's on your machine. They may simply want to use your machine to do their bidding in the background. Did you hear about the recent denial of service attacks on banks? Without knowing it, you're PC (or Mac) may have been one of the computers on attack. All while you were on Facebook or watching a Netflix movie.

Ouch. I really do know the difference between "your" and "you're," but when I'm typing fast, my fingers sometimes type in a homonym.

What's the best way to find out if my computer is on a bot-net? Or do I just keep an eye on any unexplained upload traffic?

Thanks. What do I owe you?

"Say your computer is acting extremely weird"

That's the problem. My only known exposure to bot-nets was when I got a new boarder and I noticed my upload traffic going through the roof. I ran a couple of scans from different vendors but, like you said, they found nothing. He was resistant because his computer showed NO symptoms, but I told him that he could reconnect to my network when I saw a report from a local malware service. I told him I'd pay for the service if his computer was clean. So he took it in and, sure enough, loaded with malware. Happily they were able to remove the infections and my upload traffic returned to virtually nothing. They said that the bot-net his computer was on is driven from Russia and has an estimated 25 million "clients".

For goodness sake why this debate, its obvious - LINUX !  

I think one of the main reasons is the expertise in one's social circle. When my daughter has problems with her Windows machine, her first call is to me, and I almost always can help. If she was running some variation on UNIX, she'd have to talk to someone she may not know. "Perpinquity breeds special relationships." In other words, people are more comfortable dealing with people they know. 

I might consider TRYING LINUX on one of my three computers if I knew someone else who would be there to help me through the learning curve. After that, the question would be how well it could run the software I rely on, which would almost be in some sort of simulated Windows environment. You see, I use some very sophisticated software, so I doubt if some sort of generic no-name substitute running on the LINUX level would do the job a photographer's tool such as ThumbPlus (Cerious Software) would do.

Of course they're willing to pay. But how do they know Photoshop is the superior product? They don't. They assume it because Adobe is a trusted brand. Why do so few bother to try GIMP despite that it's free, even when they do hear about it? Because everyone else uses Adobe.  

You might as well be talking about Mac vs. PC. The PC lost the cool factor to Mac a long time ago, reinforced by ads showing a cute young Mac user vs. a dumpy, somewhat older and very uncool PC user. Consequently, there's a demographic who would no more buy a PC than a business suit.

Steve Jobs was a marketing genius from the product conception stage onward.

Seriously? Who gives a rats ass anymore? Last I looked CNET and ZDMedia were talking about the demise of the desktop at the hands of mobile hardware. My lab teacher told us in 1986 that miniaturization was the wave of the future and battery technology was the holy grail….

As someone who, early on, owned and used both platforms it just falls on what you're comfortable with and what you can afford. If Apple products are too much money I'm sure that there is a PC or Linux product that will fit the bill. Don't make you a bad person. Don't make you a bad person if you pay more and get less by buying an Apple laptop. What do we care what someone wants to spend?

It's like arguing about Harley's and Honda's… 

Here is something that may answer a nagging question. When HP invents a laptop they go to market and ask Intel for the latest greatest Central Processor they've invented. Same thing with Apple. The only thing limiting their choices are the Operating System. HP uses Microsoft Windows. They call Microsoft and tell them what they want to do and is Their operating system compatible. Microsoft tells Hp that they'll get back to them as soon as they test out this new snazzy CPU with their latest flavor of Windows. You see HP doesn't have to worry about developing Hardware and Software simultaneously. HP is a hardware company. Of course their products are going to cost less. Apple does both… But be that as it may; I could care less. If I want to buy it and I can Afford it then Cest la vie, here's my Amex, ring me up, and plug it in. Who cares?

Buddy of mine went out and bought a set of Dr.Dre Studio headphones. They run about $299.00. He paid $125.00 off some peddler on the street. He starts worrying about if they're real they're not real did he get taken. He spends the better part of the day searching Youtube to see how he can tell the difference between "REAL" Dr. Dre's and phony's. Yeah! He got taken. They were phony but before he found this out he showed me a youtube video of some 17 year old kid explaining how to tell them apart. The kid looked straight into the camera and said, "Dr. Dre Studio headphone's cost $299.00. You know what $299.00 buys you? Peace of mind. It saves you the energy of searching Youtube to find out if your $125.00 headphones are real or not. If you don't have $299.00 for a set of Dre's and all you have is $125.00 then get a set of Sony's for $125.00. Why? Cause it's what you can afford and then there is also peace of mind." 



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