I want to hear which you think is better, real reasons please. Not just, well I think Mac is stupid and for hipsters..or Aw PCs are for poor people..or crap like that. Thank you :)

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Awesome reply, thank you. You would be surprised how often these kinds of debates devolve into name calling and finger pointing with no reasoning behind any of the replies.

I agree (on a conceptual level). In fact my computer is dual-boot Win8 and Ubuntu. Over the years this is the third time I've tried Ubuntu. I really have tried. I have trouble understand the GUI, but that's just a matter of getting used to. My problem is that CORE shit just falls over. I feel like I'm running Windows 3.0.

I have a 28-year-old son - a real Linux fan - but he's living in Japan and sometimes you really just have to show somebody the screen to demonstrate what you've done.

NEVERTHELESS. The question should not be limited to Windows or Mac. Linux MUST be part of the decision - especially with the recent release of a Linux that runs a touchpad OS but, once you plug in a  keyboard, mouse, (and probably decent-sized screen) it becomes a desktop computer - a REALLY sensible idea.

Maybe I need to get one of those and also a Dummy's Guide for it.

Just upgraded to Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and remain thankful each day for that guy in Belgium (?) who invented Linux a couple decades ago. 

It's a no brainer to remain w/ Linux when all aspects are considered. 

lol! they forgot "right click"

Only machine I ever saw billowing smoke was a MacIntosh plus.

Only machine I ever had to reboot every morning by crawling under the table because it was locked up so hard I had to pull the power plug, was a mac.

"It just works," my ass.

I did a little customer service for Apple a while ago. I can tell you that Macs can go kaput after just a few weeks and some of them arrive DOA. I have friends with Macs and I've heard their gripes about both their machines and Apple's Geniuses.

BTW, here's something you should know. Apple physical stores and their online stores are two different businesses. If you buy an Apple product online and it goes on the blink, don't bother taking it to a store for a replacement or refund. You'l have to ship it back even for an even steven exchange.


Of course I try not to buy ANY electronics from someone I can't punch in the face when it goes wrong.  Not because I'd actually do so, but because it is so much easier for an online retailer to blow you off or drag their feet resolving your complaint.  But when a neighbor's kid phrased it that way I found it a perfect summation of my own policy.

I would be the last to believe that you and i had anything in common, but I, too, did Apple customer service, and I never encountered a dissatisfied customer.

bingo. There are so many PC users out there who desperately want to justify their usage of crap bloatware, ugly interface, unsympathetic software and overall impoverished user-experience.

My Mac was bought online and I've never had any issue getting things taken care of in the store, nor have I had bad customer service. Dealing with the customer service for my Alienware is a different story. 

I've had Macs since the 90's - I've NEVER had one crash. unlike Windows machines, where rebooting is SOP.


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