When communicating with Indie film enthusiasts, it is very apparent to me that more than a hefty majority are independent thinkers. They tend to have an open-minded approach to life, and actively seek to expose themselves to ideas that are new to their own personal realm of experience. Of course books, seminars and lectures can expose us to new ideas, but with our culture being so fixated on imagery, entertainment and, of course, time consumption, films are such a great way to meet the "general inquirers" halfway when it comes to freethought ideas.


What do I mean by "general inquirers"? To paraphrase Jon Stewart when he announced the Rally to Restore Sanity on the Daily Show, they are people who have shit to do. There are millions who share the same thoughts that are expressed on Think Atheist, but are either not aware that people are paving the way through activism that would eventually make it a non-issue to verbally express those thoughts; would rather keep things private with the same approach as most theists; (We all know it's the fundies that cause most of the ruckus) or are just plain fearful.


Do you think that as more films, which express freethought ideas, enter into the film festival circuit, these general inquirers might nudge beyond just thoughts and actually engage in dialogue as a result? (Outside of the "circuit")

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