In a conversation with a leader of one of the largest freethought organizations in the U.S., it was disclosed to me that over this past summer, he was approached by freethinking filmmakers at least once a week regarding projects that they have recently completed, and/or on which they were currently working. They had no idea what to do with these films!

Do you think that the film Religulous has been a major catalyst to the increased interest in film projects that take on more controversial (OK! blasphemous) subject matter?

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I do (I see its been awhile since anyone has posted in here so I'm gonna ;-)  ).  But I think some of the other factors include building resentment from much of the general populace against the evangelical wackadoodles that have been infiltrating our political machine through the money laundering machine that the Republican Party has become (which I think could be a factor in the infighting that has been building up within that party- b/w the rich religious wackos and the old school R's) (Sorry, got a little off track, lol). 

My point that I was attempting to make was that I do think that Religulous has paved the way for other projects that take on similar subject matter. I've noticed that even though Religulous is not on Netflix, other documentaries (like the fantastic, "The God Who Wasn't There") like it have popped up on their instant watch section, and I'm assuming that the trend will continue.  Also, I think that artists like Marilyn Manson, Blutengel (German Band), Eisbrecher (German band also), and others that point out the craziness of theism help in that regard as well, especially since it is the younger crowd that listens to these artists and watch Bill Mahar, in large numbers (it seems), and these inspired young people begin to create art themselves. 

I think all these things coming together at the right time, can provide a strong catalyst to exactly what you pointed out.  Just my two cents, for what it is worth!  (I love all those groups, too! Lol!)  :-)

I'm always checking the Netflix instant watch list for films to recommend on the Freethought Film Festival Foundation Facebook Page. The film, The Nature of Existence was the opening night film for the first annual International Freethought Film Festival last year. It is available on Netflix instant watch right now. I see the trend as you pointed out, and it is very encouraging to see the increase in these types of films. My opinion is that the "average person" is more likely to click on a film and watch it on their notepad than downloading an e-book that contains similar subject matter.


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