Okay - so I've been toying with researching this for a writing project for quite some time.

Here's the scenario: Southern Baptists are the largest Protestant denomination in the US - because they have the most members.

Does anyone else remember how EVERY SINGLE SERVICE ended with A: an invitation to accept Christ and B: an invitation to Join and become an Official Member of the SBC?

Membership is all fine and dandy.... though the SBC was OBSESSED with it. However - my understanding is, if you go forward, accept christ, are baptized and join all in one fell-swoop like I did (though I had done a private heart to heart with JC before this) - you become a Member For Life.

I haven't attended a Southern Baptist Church since the age of 11, but I am still a member - if I'm not mistaken. My parents got so fed up with the bureaucracy of the SBC that they officially withdrew their membership - and they had to jump through a number of hoops to do so.

So - #1 - Are YOU a member of the SBC? Did you officially withdraw your membership? #2 How interested are you in finding out more about SBC membership trends or rules and regulations?

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I don't remember really hearing about the SBC while I was in the churches growing up. They may have mentioned it, but I never paid much attention to anything being said anways. Just seems like another club to join that makes you feel special to be a part of. I bet they are a bit like the Scientology guys and if you get high enough in the ranks, then quit, they will ruin your life someway or another.

I do remember the christ acceptance invitation though, at every service; and can vividly remember the 2 times I fell for the guilt trip they laid on me to do so (at different churches). Makes me cringe at the thought of how I opened myself up to them, just to be forgotten about when the next week came around and more people fell for the trick.


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