I recently found out, that for the only group of people I was on a regular talking basis with, on campus, yes, they're atheist. But they have no wish, care, or positive on fat acceptance, feminism, or the idea of leveling out privilege in society, and most of them are white, straight, young males(all which give privilege) who ignore me no matter what I say--my opinion is null(it was outright called 'stupid') because I'm fat, asexual, female, and feminist, which is no different from the christian groups I've been around in the past.

There is no winning, and I feel rather alone in my hopes for society.



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I have not heard of the fat acceptance crowd. I think that's great! People with severe weight problems have too much pressure from society to be unaccepting of their selves (imo). Many people don't understand the mental agony people with severe weight issues can suffer.


I understand being overweight is bad for your health, but so is being in mental agony for large parts of your life, because many people, all around you in your life, make fun of you and say terrible things to you, and you can be quite put aside from the, taken for granted, social acceptance thin or attractive people receive.  Even the First Lady, Michelle Obama, is going around with the message that to be fat, is a very bad thing. Of course, she has a very good point, but she totally leaves out any discussion on the reason society should have some compassion for children who have these types of problems.


I believe that if the light was not shone so harshly on people with a weight issue, it would lessen their drive to overeat. A big part of the reason they are so driven to overeat is due to a cycle of self hatred that stems from feedback they get from others and the general attitude many people have toward severely fat people. It is an escape like addiction only much more gripping because afterall, we all have to eat every day. It's not like eating is something you can flush down the toilet and swear to never do again. Although many people do exactly this, and become very ill and/or die.


I know other factors play into this, such as discouraged playing outdoors for children due to safety concerns, video games, and vending machines in schools, and whatnot. Bottom line, I still feel fat people should be given more compassionate consideration, because it is something which is extremely difficult to control in many cases and what works for one person may not work for another person at all.  


Perhaps you may ask yourself this; as much emphasis is placed on looking good, fit, and sexy in the entertainment business, for emaple, why do some very famous people battle weight problems throughout their careers? I always thought, "Wow, with all that money they should be able to get it in check (cooks preparing special meals, buy any exercise equipment you want, doing other fun things instead of eating because you have plenty of money to do what you want", but what I actually came to realize was having a severe weight problem is no easy thing to triumph over for many people, even when they have unusual advantages,which just goes to show, my thinking is correct. 


I have never known a fat person that is happy to be a fat person. I have known people who come to terms with it, in the best way they can (but happy about it - hell no). 


Anyway Jonel, if you see this and you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of finding out more about this "fat acceptance crown". I am interesting in learning more.  

For fat acceptance I recommend you start here: and listen to the fatcast--a podcast where Lesley and MaryAnne both talk about stuff--sometimes it's funny, sometimes less so. Lesley was my entrance-level drug into size acceptance and Health At Every Size, so I would recommend it to anyone.
AWESOME website. Thank you!


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