I recently read, on Twitter, from PZ Myers, that a comedian I think is absolutely brilliant is planning a US Tour for summer 2011.

His name is Tim Minchin, and he's a musical comedian.  He's an incredible piano player, and his music is, I think, brilliant.  He's Australian, and the only shows he's ever done in North America were a festival in New York a few years back and I believe some gigs in Montreal, Canada.  The rest of his shows, including all his recorded shows, have been done oversees, mostly in Australia and parts of Europe.

And here's some videos of his on my channel:
on Religion (he's an atheist, an antitheist, and a supreme skeptic, and that is part of his comedy)

So here's the reason for all this:

I'm seriously considering contacting perhaps FAU and Miami about contacting his agent.  If Tim actually does the tour, I want to see him, and here in Florida.  So I'm trying to see if it'd be worth it to call them about it... you know... if there'd be any interest.

Oh and no... other than being a rabid fan, I'm not actually affiliated with Tim in any way (although I admit I'd love to audition as a guitarist if he decides to record one of his shows here in the US with a band, as he did for the audio version of "Ready for This").

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YES !!! I love Tim Minchin ! If he came to South Florida I would be all over it. And I'd definitely tell people because he's just amazing.


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