Finally, I can scream it. Give yourself some credit!" What does god have to do with your achievements and your woes? You make all of your own decisions based on-ready for it?-critical thinking. Yet you thank god for your achievements and plea with him when things go bad. I do not want to hear about it. I so bad want to hit "like" or leave a "Congrats" or "I'm sorry." message but as soon as i see the mention of "god" I loose interest because you dont think enough of yourself. So why should I?

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Ha ha, I really understand. I feel like screaming things at Christians sometimes. I even have dreams I am doing just that.

You make all of your own decisions based on-ready for it?-critical thinking.

Or some sort of thinking, not necessarily critical. If god is prominent in their worldview, their thinking is a bit sub-par, but most muddle through things anyway, just like the rest of us do.

The vast majority of my "friends" on Facebook are 12-steppers (I'm a recovering alcoholic and I do need the support I get from being around other people with the problem), so I hear the god stuff all the time. Though I identify with the problem, and certainly benefit from the understanding and empathy these people have, their "solution" of a "Higher Power" (their caps) I could do without. Like you, I could also do without thanks to god for a new place to live, a promotion, a good parking place at the supermarket, or whatever.

I post all sorts of atheist things to my Wall, which are apparently ignored by these folks. As are my various attacks on GOP candidates, anti-gay folks, and other sundry nutjobs. I get an occasional 'like' from one or two, but most pass without comment. I sometimes wonder if someone has invented a "spam filter" for FB and these folks have installed it and configured it so I'm not seen. (If there is such a thing, I need one)

I really have to think that a lot of people just simply talk about god out of sheer habit – the indoctrination is deep and strong.  It’s as natural as breathing for them to say, “Praise god that no one got hurt in that house fire,” or “thank you god for my new job,” or “pray that my mom will have a successful surgery,” etc.   I used to be that person too – even though I was never very religious, I was brought up in a religious family, and it’s just the language of indoctrination.  However.  I agree that it is totally annoying.  I have hidden many people from my news feed on fb just so I don’t have to read their constant posts about Jesus, prayer and Bible verses.

I went simple. Deleted my FB account. It was too annoying. Afterall, I do live in North Carolina.


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