Nabil Fayad's books


Nabil Fayad: thinker, writer, researcher and critic from Syria.

Interested in the religious thought of Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and especially interested in the question of comparative religion and biblical cash. Addresses in his research and writings of religions and Islamic heritage and Arab society and Islamic exchange scientific researcher of the roots and backgrounds to create a state of awareness about the scientific concepts and phenomena of religious.


>Personally, I see his fabulous books are worthly to read..

You know, these kind of books are not easy to find and considered as forbidden in arab countries...That's why I would like to share them in here..

I hope to find English version of his books to share with you as well..


*Here are some Nabil Fayad's books with my friends in this group..

Download his books from here

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From now on,

there there will be no such a thing called forbidden books in the ex muslim dictionary.

especially for those who live in the fundamentalism society like me.

Well, I hope not...I did not see one caught with these kinds of books before.

I always try to be careful about these e books anyway.

thanks Jean Marie :)


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