Protecting your privacy and safety while online


Note, I got this from Jean Marie =)


Many atheists in the middle east have valid concerns about maintaining their online privacy while looking at atheist websites.  Some fear their own family discovering they have been on atheist websites.  Some risk their very freedom or even their lives if discovered to be atheists.


First tip--if caught on an atheist website, consider telling the person who caught you that you are there to convert the atheists into your religion, that you are there to preach to those lost souls.  I would and could do that if my very life were on the line.


There are some steps one can take to increase their computer safety.

FIRST OFF---Set up an entirely new email address, that you use ONLY for atheist website emails.  When you sign up, use fake name, even change the gender you use, do NOT use your real information, at all.  Never ever use that account to email anyone, ever.

Free email accounts are yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.  Google "free email accounts".

On this website, do go to the settings and change your email address to the new one.

On this website, do NOT stay logged in, nor store password, in case your family ever finds this website.


SET YOUR COMPUTER to delete temporary internet files every time you log off

Go to "tools"

go to "internet options"

on the "general" tab, look at the "Browsing History" section---CLICK ON THE "Delete Browsing HIstory on Exit".


Your computer will then automatically dump the history of sites visited each time computer is closed.


Also, dump all your temporary internet files right now, by going to

"Tools"---"Internet Options"-----"General" tab----find "Browsing History" and click "DELETE" clear out your browser's history of where you have been.


SOME atheists in the middle east live in areas that are prone to sudden unexpected electricity outages.

To be extra certain your computer will log you out of whatever site you are on if you lose electricity-------

go to "Tools"

go to "Internet Options"

go to "Advanced" tab

Scroll down the choices, until you find the "Empty 'temporary internet files' when browser is closed" and click that box.


Another option, if your browser offers "Inprivate Browsing" as an option, you should probably use that.  Be aware of all the rules, in my windows "inprivate browsing", all TABS i open will be kept private/off the history of sites i've visited, BUT, a new WINDOW will not be kept off the history.




 ALSO----------never but never visit an atheist website when you are


 Almost ALL work settings have the ability to get a list of websites that the workers are looking at while on the job.



OR  send me a msg (i will find out answer for you)

and please----- 


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Proxy hosts; I recommend hotspot which you can download off of =)

Thank you soooo much! and, yeah! I've been looking for it for a long time =)

No problem, glad I could help.

As BadHandShakers mentioned, using proxies is more safe than deleting your traces.

I would recommend HotSpotSheild and UltraSurf.

UltraSurf is better than HotSpotSheild as it doesn't force ads on every web page, and it works perfectly in UAE.


however, unless you are in Saudi, i don't think there is a real threat when you browse atheist websites.

Hello Hany,

first of all, welcome to ex muslim support group

very glad to have you us,

and thank for sharing helpful recommendation about proxies.


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