Hi ,

 thank you for the initiation , it's really great to know about the stories of fellow ex-muslims !!

Actually and like any other ex-M , I had never thought that one day I will turn against religion and become atheist.

I can venture and say that athesits  who were once muslims are the most courageous if compared to the rest of atheists.....

please , don't get me wrong here because I am not trying here to be arrogant or so .The reason I stated that is because of the nature of  Islam as a religion itself !!

From your childhood  and on , you are ''told'' that you are lucky and loved by god to be bon in an Islamic country , you are told that Islam is the last and only right religion , that you are to be thankful to whatever good or bad that happens .... and that you cannot change Islam for any other religion or become atheist ... and if you decide to do so then you will go to hell after you die and you will also be punished in life by your troubled soul...  add to this the penaliy of death if you happen to live in an Islamic country !!!

 Personally , getting those thoughts out of mind was the hardest part of the work . I have always questioned religions , all religions except for Islam because it was taken for granted and I pitied those who believed in other religions .

 George Carlin ,saved me !! I watched his shows on youtube ... they left a strong impact that I decided to read  about atheism .. . step by step , I gained more confidence and started to think out of the  shell .

  Fossils are a great evidence that there is no god up there. Fossils date millions of years back in time ,and Adam and Eve aren't that old according to any religious scripture ; This is a K.O to creationists and I still don't know what creationists have to say about fossils .

 Unfortunately, I live In Morocco where you arent expected to have any othere religion rather than Islam .. so I have been keeping this story to myself and now I am sharing it with you ?? my closest friends don't know this and even my relatives don't have any idea abut this huge vchange in my life ... actually I have no ntentions to share this with them because I see that they are not willing to change their opinions . I have tried to indirectly deliver the Idea of atheism to some friends  and all I had in return were laughter mixed with some anger ..

 So right now I am faking Islam for the sake of having a ''normal'' life and staying out of jail .

I really have a lot to say , it's only that I am not feeling ok today  !!! sorry guys for the spelling mistakes and so ... I always try to use elegant English but this backache is killing me .


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I have a lot of respect for ex-Muslims slowly coming to the realization that all religions including Islam are a load of crap. Especially when living in Muslim countries it is extremely difficult and dangerous. I realize fully that I have had it extremely easy and I wish it were the same for you and for all other Moroccan Atheists, I am absolutely convinced it is inevitable that the day will come, maybe we won't witness it, but it will.

Thanks for your reply Albert , and personally I am sure that that day will come !! it starts with developed countries and the rest follows . Religion is already losing ground to free thinkers ,  it's only a matter of  time as you mentioned .

 thanks again

Moroccans are religious as well as Saudis... Even if their religious sunni section is different from the other sunni section in Saudi Arabia...

I saw them arguing together [wahhabi and sufis] we are right you are wrong!!! when they are both suni!!

that was the silliest thing that I have ever seen! in Islam!

Congrats for finding your freedom :)...

Thank you Hope  for sharing and thanks for inviting to this great Group !!

Congrats for finding your freedom

I couldn't say it better than this :D

thank you Gregor !!
That's the story of almost everyone of us in here ... we are all hiding our thoughts and acting like Muslims .. i hate faking it .. i have tried not to pray while at work but people have become greatly suspicious and i was asked forcibly for the reason why i don't pray so i returned to faking prayers every now and then
People are still suspicious but i hope that one day they will understand and accept me as i am.

thanks 7elmy, your sharing was really consolidating ? your people's logic is  religion and it sucks ,it's the same here ... their  thoughts , emotions, and evrything is controlled by religion ?

 Congratulations  for getting rid of Mobarak , a really good move :-)


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