it's this kind of things that made me question this religion and leave it

Christians have been warned by a militant Islamist group to leave northern Nigeria or be attacked, according to media reports.

Abul Qaqa, a purported spokesman for Boko Haram, said the terror group was “giving a three-day ultimatum to the southerners living in the northern part of Nigeria to move away”, the English language Vanguard newspaper reported.

The group has been linked to many attacks on Christians, most notably the bombings on Christmas Day killed 49 people, most of them at a Catholic church as services were ending.

Nigeria’s 160 million people are divided between the mainly Muslim north and predominately Christian south.

Qaqa said Boko Garam wished "to call on our fellow Muslims to come back to the north".

The BBC reported that Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, declared a state of emergency on Saturday in parts of four states hard hit by violence blamed on Boko Haram.

It said Mr Jonathan vowed to "crush" the group, which he said "started as a harmless group" but had "now grown cancerous".

Human rights activist Shehu Sani told CNN that the latest Boko Haram threat was credible, but many Christians born and raised in the north have nowhere else to go.

"The killings will continue," he told CNN, adding that the state of emergency and an enhanced presence of the security forces would not improve the situation, alleging that troops had already been involved in human rights abuses and had done little to reduce violence.

David Cook of Rice University, who has studied the rise of Boko Haram, told CNN that "if radical Muslim violence on a systematic level were to take hold in Nigeria ... it could eventually drive the country into a civil war."

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That "... eventually drive the country into a civil war" could very well be the objective. The stated objective is absurd. I am afraid it is a win win for them. "Crushing" the group will only win them new recruits and not crushing them might leave them the room to execute well placed attacks for maximal effect.

hahaha...hope they don't think of it like that

Me neither! But the tactic has always worked. And Nigeria seems almost ideally suited for such a tactic to play out successfully, that is to say catastrophically. It already consists de facto of two states and these are culturally, ethnically and religiously separated, this with a weak central government are almost ideal circumstances. And what I read from the situation Boko Haram is at a critical junction, with them being very useful for Al Qaida strategists, knowing as they do - with Nigerian oil not being an unimportant factor - Western governments (Britain and EU countries, probably not the US overtly) will not be able to resist the temptation to be drawn in.

I don't think it's an empty threat.


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