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Jean Marie    Posted by Jean Marie on December 29, 2010 at 4:26pm  

To any exmuslims, do you feel safe as an atheist where you live now?


Another concern-----------Do you feel safe using your computer to visit atheist websites?

If one does not feel safe looking at atheist websites on their computer---because other people share the computer----, you should learn to clear your "BROWSING HISTORY"  (temporary internet files).


You should also set the computer to clear the browsing history  after each time they log off/exit their computer, as well, so that no one who uses that computer after you do, can notice the history of websites someone has visited.


This is not hard to do.

I am happy to help find and post directions on how to do these steps.  I can explain this for anyone using Internet Explorer.  For other browsers, i will have to get help, but, it is still not difficult to do this, and is good idea for SHARED computers.


People who do not feel safe as atheists, where they live, should probably NOT ever look at atheist websites AT THEIR JOB.  Most jobs/work settings, are able to notice what websites have been visited from within their building's computers.

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I would go to hotmail or yahoo, both have free email accounts.  I would set up an extra email account, and i would not use any identifying information at all, none at all, and i would use that extra account ONLY for my atheist website.  I would never ever email anyone i knew with my new account, and i would go to my settings on Think Atheist, and change email address with them.


i am not sure why i think that is a good idea, but, it seems a good idea to me.  Might be being ridiculously oversafe, but, i know i'd do that.  Also, if anyone ever got into your email, they won't see Think Atheist emails coming in..

We CAN change the email address we use on Think Atheist, even after we have set up our Think Atheist page.  Is not hard to do.


Actually, i HAVE recently set up an extra email account only for Think Atheist, just because i got so many emails from Think Atheist, i could not notice my "real" emails very easily, ha ha!!



secret  Reply by secret on December 30, 2010 at 5:40am

Yes That a gud Idea

real emails? and unreal emails?

ha ha, yeah, 'real' emails, ha ha!!  i mean, emails from my family and friends, etc etc.


I do get some "unreal" emails, ha ha!!  don't we all!!??

You r always right Jean.


ok i have  another adrees eamil that no one of my family or friends know and i will use it here .but what concernse me is  that i don't know if arab countries watches exmuslim bloggers or not?


Kiki kiki, that is a darn good question.  I really do not know what powers or oversight of the internet an Arab country may have, but, i think you are safer using an extra email account that you did not use any identifying information.

 (and, of course,  never use your real name here on Think Atheist if safety is a concern for any atheist.)


Even if there IS some Arab agency, or person, trying to track down online exmuslims, if he came up with "kiki kiki", -----------i am not that great at internet knowledge, but, it seems it'd be pretty darn hard to trace "kiki kiki" to you, whoever you are.

seems like it'd be pretty hard to do, to me, anyway.......








 i really do not know.  It does not seem very possible to me, but again, i am not very smart about internet stuff.  And i do not know if internet privacy or safety is very different in Arab countries than in US....?


I DO know that others sitting right in front of  your computer, in your home-------- if it is shared,----- CAN access and see websites that have been visited, if you do not delete your history. (also delete 'temporary internet files'---i thought these are same thing, browsing history is same thing as temporary internet files...but to be safe, i'd delete both areas, yes i would!!!!)


 And no one but no one should look at atheist stuff from their job, unless they are very very sure their boss is cool about atheists..seems risky to me.  what if you get a new boss???...or what if your boss's boss hates atheists...i just would never ever go to atheist sites from a computer at your job...



This is what I did. An extra email just for Think Atheist.

me too, not to protect my life, or to protect my identity, but, it sure is easier!!  is good idea!!!!




Yes this could help me a lot coz i m new to internet 

I think other than me everyone has more browsing experience than me that is way I always need this sort of help. 

Thanks Jean.

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