I'm assuming you have all heard or experienced how hard it is to leave the Momo church. Its like trying to chase down your waiter to get your check. When you find him, him and his buddies publicly ridicule you for wanting to leave. Then they pull all your family memebers into the mix, to redicule, guilt-trip, and persuade you. In the end you are given a restraining order instead of your check and escorted out in front of everyone. Ok this is all second hand knowledg. I haven't officially left the Momos yet (still on the books, but haven't gone in many years). Its a long story, but essentially I haven't decided to go through the family upheaval yet. I have heard a lot of second hand stories about it though.

Is anyone willing to tell their story about officially leaving the church, or a story they have heard? I think it will help people thinking about it, including myself.

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Let's see my friends Sean and Stacy came out to each other about three years ago and did a year of research and then they were really pushed when the PROP 8 scandal came. Then once they saw the 8: the Mormon Proposition they mailed in their letters and their kids did too. But they live next door to his parents, it's the ward and neighborhood he grew up in...they sent out a letter a year ago to their family about their reasons for leaving mentally...his parents sent that email to their bishop and to the stake president. So they were outed in one fell swoop. But they got out with their family intact and are doing great. For the most part, their families still talk to them, too.

I'm still officially on the books, too. I don't know when I'll leave, but definitely not before both sides of my family know and my friends. Then I will probably send it in.

Look up Jean Bodie's 2010 Ex-Mormon Foundation Conference talk...she goes into why she left and how. It's amazing as well.

But you are right, we all go through and will continue to do so as we leave and have our families held hostage by that church.


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