If you've read the "Wedge Document." Here is the place where you can discuss your thoughts about it. Were you as shocked as I was that they would actually admit their hidden agenda on paper?

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Why don't we write something about seperating church and state...wait...
I guess we are lucky that our enemies are so stupid as to write their "texts" by just changing titles and a few words from "creationism" to "intelligent design." ..... maybe the next liar ass bible thumper will change : "ID" to some other Pandas and People bull shit..... but we really need to attend school board meetings and read each agenda item for their next move..... while you are there you can leaftlet people on Atheist History, Lick Observatory, Edison Atheist Inventor, CC Moore pardoned by Pres McKinley for the crime of mailing obscene King James Bible verses. Lots and lots of tid bit examples of science which repudiates theocracy. We need to do our own wedging
Could someone give me a more detailed explanation of what intelligent design is, or point me to some other sources that can? I've heard bits and pieces about it throughout my life, mostly that it's really just a more sophisticated way of peddling creationism. What evidence do they claim to have, and what evidence do they really have? I imagine all they really have is speculation vs. evolution which actually has proven facts.


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