The life of Charles Darwin iphone app......written by.... (facepalm) Ray Comfort

I was reading Sydney's post about the atheist debater app for iphone and wondered if there was something similar for evolution vs creationism/id...etc... when I came across this app on Darwin by Ray Comfort.


It boggles the mind.

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I need a "like" button here.
Ha I'll work on Morgan and see if it's something we can slip in :D
What is Sad is that his is the only app on Darwin and I was thinking.... How can we let that happen? Surely someone is going to pony up and put a REAL Life of Charles Darwin app out ... OR perhaps we can put a Life of Jesus by Think Atheist out there for balance.
I like that idea... well, both of them. The Book of Thomas is a good place to start on the life of Jesus. If he existed at all, he was an asshole of a kid who liked to kill his tutors and buddies, then resurrect some of them from the dead... if he was in a good mood.
I was going to ask if anyone knew any of any good evolution reference or debating iphone apps... I did come across the creationist claims app but haven't checked it out yet.
Hey Adriana, sorry it took me so long to reply. The app is called The life of Charles Darwin.. I looked it up again today in the app store and there was ONE other biography from Ask Technosys and three others 'Origin of Species, Voyage of the Beagle, and Charles Darwin the Autobiography all from AppWarrior.

Oh.. and under evolution there is an Evolution study guide for 99cents and an app of quotes for 1.99 both from Brighthouse Labs
Having Ray Comfort write an article on Charles Darwin is like asking Adolf Hitler to write an article on the benefits Jews have made to society.
Ray comfort can write?


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