A Christian asked me what I do for a living? So I shared with him my shark conservation work and the various ocean conservation efforts and measures that I am involved in. In an effort to impart upon him that we all have a part to play in keeping the oceans and environment healthy, I told him that I make sure that when I walk a beach I keep a few bags on hand and I pick up trash as I go.


He smiled at me and said (honestly, I could not makeup a gem like this) "That's all good and well, but it really is not necessary, because that is God's work! When our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns to the world he will make it pure and clean once more. He will fix things. You ought not interfere in his work really. Jesus will save the planet and that's His place, not yours!"


Hmmmmmmmm well I cannot begin to tell you what a load that was off of my mind (sarcasm). I generally avoid the "Galactically Stupid" and once identified I seldom waste breath on them. Here is a prime example that evolution does not always move life forms forward. My answer was a nod and as I smiled I said; "Oh I'm billing him by the hour! When Jesus does show up, I am going to retire with all the money that he and God owe me for getting this work done for them!"


Before he could speak (exploiting that moment of shock at my blasphemy) I hit the button that activates my phone and pretended I had a phone call, excusing myself as I walked away from him.


   The frequency of ridiculous and downright stupid questions and defenses for religion and it's values and percepts leaves me painfully aware of the disparity between idiots and atheists. Now is this to say that every single religious person on the planet is a simple minded moron? No.


   However there is a very high correlation between low IQ and superstition (aka: religion)! As I look at the statistics, I realize that I can almost always rest assured that the more fervently religious a person is, the more ignorant and illogical they generally are. Again, there are exceptions to every rule, but in the religious observations these are few and far between.


    Christians and Muslims tend to be the worst. Especially the extremists of both faiths. A Sheite Muslim will tend to be so closed minded that they are beyond talking to, while a Sunni Muslim will generally be a bit more open minded and tolerant of others. But the IQ and reasoning factors of each sect also show a proportionate drop as you go from the standard Muslim to the extremist.

   Christians too show this same curb as the most simple minded reveal themselves to be the most outspoken and extremist. There is zero tolerance for outside views, but then and again, these people have been brainwashed from childhood. Intelligence and logic are aliens in the fundamental and extreme Christian faiths.


   Both groups will readily attack atheists and all the while try to scapegoat their childish fears onto non-believers as a cover up for their own hypocrisy, poor morals, bad ethics, and sense of entitlement. They feel that if you do not share their beliefs, you must obviously oppose them. Black and white thinking that allows for no middle ground is a mark of a very weak mind. Not strong enough or well conditioned enough to use thought and logic and reason in order to measure concepts and understanding.


   Monotheists crack me up with their sense of aggrandized views and purpose. The idea that not agreeing means hatred or conflict by intent is irrational. If we went with that standard then Pagans (polytheists) should REALLY find us hateful and vile. Yet most pagans are at least tolerant of other views, whether they are Buddhists, Hindus, Thelamites, FornSidr, Asatru, etc.


    I disagree with religion.  I think it is a mark of superstition that has endured only through ignorant perpetuation and mental laziness. Theists take the easy way out. Faith. Blind devotion to the unseen and unproven. Attacking science, evolution, logic, reason, human rights, sexuality, etc on the grounds that they are right and thus entitled to overshadow all others.


    Christianity is dying worldwide. The same with all other major religions. Religion is falling to reason, but stupidity still has the numbers on it's side, and until the ignorant are cured or vanish, we will always be stuck with some degree of superstition and simplistic ignorance masked in righteousness!


What is the main difference between me and my religious counterparts (besides the fact that many of them are only the second generation to walk erect!)? It would have to be that in the grand scheme of things, religious idiots are simply not important enough for me to worry about, let alone to waste my time hating!

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Very well said! There is a lack or responsibility for good husbandry of or stewartship over the planet, and that sense of privileged entitlement that comes from such an arrogant position is rather disgusting. God will sort things out? Really? The Oceans of our planet are dying! When they go, we go! There is precious little time left and for 2000 years JC and all other divinities have not made an appearance to fix anything. We are rapidly destroying our world, and marine stocks are collapsing. Sharks are vanishing at the rate of 104+ Million a year! These are the animals that balance our marine environment. Tuna, Salmon, Cod, Cetaceans, etc all decimated and dwindling. The Oceans provide us with 70% of our oxygen. 


But hey, God is gonna fix things! It's pointless wasting breath on such an idiot. You cannot change his mind because the stupidity is so deep rooted, that while he might be swayed over a long term period to reassess his beliefs, who would want to hang around with or waste time slowly driving common sense into their heads? Just a pathetic waste of oxygen and resources. I find them irritating.


I have the occasional person in my audiences at lectures who will intrude in a question and answer session with gems about Jesus fixing things or God will help out when we turn our hearts over to Him. I always interject in those moments with humor to keep things moving. I like to interrupt their outbursts with cracks like: "Well they don't make Jews like Jesus anymore! And since he's not here, it falls on us. Thanks!" or smile and say: "If you believe that God wants to fix things, what in all the world makes you think he does not want all of us to help him out by taking action? Thanks for sharing!" and again I move on to another question or speaker and ignore the idiot in the crowd. Little sarcastic digs tend to quickly subdue such idiocy and I don't have much stomach for nonsense when I am sharing about conservation.


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