This discussion is on a more lighthearted side! Post any stupid quotes said by creationist in an evolution debate or about evolution here. And we'll all have a good laugh! ;)
"There are a lot of things I have concluded to be wrong, without studying them in-depth. Evolution is one of them. The fact that I don't know that much about it does not bother me in the least. " - Posted by: AV1611VET on Christian Forums

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"How can anyone believe that Humans evolved from Monkeys... Here's a few questions for some of you who may believe that. If we did in fact evolve from Monkeys, how come babies aren't born Monkeys?"


"Several million years for a Monkey to turn into a man? Oh wait, that's right... monkeys don't live several million years."




THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE VIDEOS! It's so hilarious. Silly silly creationists.

When anything bad happens to an atheist/GLBT/Anyone they disagree with: "That's God's punishment for your sins! The good news is he still loves you and wants you back. Repent!"


What about all the Christians/Religious/Heterosexuals/People they happen to agree with, who suffer terrible misfortunes everyday? Are they just target practice?

No, in that case it's "free will" and therefore our own fault.
Yep... The Christian "Blame the Victim" game is getting old. Time to find something else to play. lol
You are allowed to paste links.  Just sayin'.
Yup, you can just paste the url straight in, or you can highlight some text and then click the 'link' button on the top right and paste the url in the pop-up.

I LUV THAT ONE!! Colbert's version is awesome!

This is Colbert's Version... lol

[O'Reilley's a Dumbass btw. lol]

I bet her family looks like this:

[ps.... audio quality is horrible, turn the volume up a lot!]

This isn't about evolution, but it is about science...

DarkMatter2525 had this quote from one of his previous creationist commenters at the end of his "Atheist for a Day" video:

"i mean i don't believe that the stars that we see at night are 3 dimensional. i think that they might exist on a 2 dimensional surface which could lay not far outside the atmosphere..."  


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