This discussion is on a more lighthearted side! Post any stupid quotes said by creationist in an evolution debate or about evolution here. And we'll all have a good laugh! ;)
"There are a lot of things I have concluded to be wrong, without studying them in-depth. Evolution is one of them. The fact that I don't know that much about it does not bother me in the least. " - Posted by: AV1611VET on Christian Forums

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What about the pineapple and dragon fruit? why are pomegranates so difficult to peel and eat if they are one of the healthiest things on the planet? why would He make artichokes so dangerous if not consumed properly? silly creationists :)
HA! I've heard of this but never actually seen it. That is too damn funny.
"Creationism, like evolutionism (or naturalism), is an interpretive framework through which all data is processed. Both are based upon beliefs about the past and past events, but only one, creationism, relies upon an eyewitness account. Attempts to place naturalism outside the realm of belief are untenable." - Answers in Genesis

"[You have] made a couple trips to the mountain [Ararat], is that correct? How many trips?" - Dick Wolfsie to John. D. Morris
"I've been to Turkey on several occasions. I've wanted to see if perhaps the remains of Noah's ark were still on Mt. Ararat." - "Professor" John D. Morris, in a debate about "noah's ark" with Frank R. Zindler, 1989

Dr. John Morris is a "Professor" of Geology at the Institute for Creation Research.

In other words... he basically got his Doctoral degree out of a crackerjack box. lol
"if birds "evolved" magically from dinosaurs
(tyranosaurus?), then there should be a creature that's 99% dinosaur
and 1% bird, then another thats 98% dinosaur and 2% bird and so on. Am
I going too fast for you? It's called basic logic, you sh@tbrain
retard. Now, show me a fossil of a 82/18 dinosaur/bird? Or 61/39?"

"Evolution is supposed to guarantee that all individuals get to
procreate: this is called "fitness" (your word, not mine)!"

- From an Evolution Hatemail [unknown author] provided to this site by adrianna.
It is remarkable and scary sometimes to witness the simplicity of the human mind at work in support of a counter point to evolution. Obviously this person has studied as much about the development of Dromeosaurs in their progressive evolution and other similar species manifestations of feathers and early flight, as they have spent time trying to figure out what to do with that hairy lump that rests between their shoulders.

As one looks to the people who share their pearls of wit with us, there IS an awareness that if you are not evolved enough to fathom the evolutionary process, then it obviously cannot exist for such a person. They are their own argument in a manner of speaking. Obviously only second generation to walk erect! Yet deluded enough to believe themselves intellectual as well as spiritual. A dangerous combo at best.

Interesting to see the way that their thinking on the subject matter works.

- Erik

"God put them thar dinosaur bones there."



I thought that was Satan trying to fool us?
Lol I love Family Guy.

If you look at the bones of a JESUS-a saurus Rex, it's clear by the use of carbon dating that MOUNTAIN DEW IS THE BEST SODA EVER MADE.

- Wow I was laughing so hard I cried.



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