To those who know of the fact, evidence for evolution of life on Earth is utterly overwhelming.  But everyone has to learn it one fact at a time for themselves.  Help that process along by posting your favorite bits of evidence here.  And please include a link or source reference to support the evidence and allow us to dig into additional information about it.

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The transitional species Tiktaalik was found in the Canadian Arctic on Ellesmere Island. The creature lived 375 million years ago. It's discoverers lead by Neil Shubin relied upon evolutionary theory itself to know where to look for such a creature: in rock layers dating to that time frame and in fresh water sediment beds.


-Jerry A. Coyne "Why Evolution is True"


A crocodile-nosed Dinosaur has been found in Australia -


There are a number of dinosaur sites in Australia -


This next one is the most recent, and it is really interesting. There was a heap of Paleontologists looking for dinosaur bones, where a couple had been found before, but a lil' ole' sheep farmer worked out where the bones would be, because his hundred year old fence had been pushed out of the ground, and Voila. a brand new species.



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