Hey everyone.
Im a muslim but im very interested on revolution and i want to know more about it ,
so is there someone that would be kind enough to give me links or explain exactely revolution
i know somethings about it but it seems not logic tho , like going from microbes that lived water to humains , it takes alooooooot of mutations

thanks fellows ;)

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yes i know that but scientists said that those microbes came from cosmets that did hit the earth , is there an exact explation on how a cosmet can create like that?


Here's a great link on evolutionary biology from talkorigins.org.



It should explain a bit. Also Talk Origins is a great site for explaining evolution in general. I would also suggest reading something like Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin and Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne. Both are fun reads and really help to explain things in terms anyone can understand. 

thanks my friend , i will sure read them and debates about it soon

FYI, it is evolution. Not revolution.


A simple diagram can explain the general idea: http://www.thinkatheist.com/photo/this-is-the-best-way-ive-ever


The basic idea is that via mutations (additions, subtractions, duplications, movements, and changes in the way genes behave [some areas in the genome help control the way the genes behave, when something occurs to them they can have massive changes in the way cells behave and have been correlated with the major evolutionary advances in history]) occur over time. These build up, one at a time, and over thousands of generations can lead to an organism that looks completely different from what its ancestor's originally looked like.


Talkorigins has a massive list of evidences that not only does this (evolution) still occur, but that there is quite a bit of evidence that essentially proves that this occurred in the past.



The current questions about evolution today are not "does it even happen?" but instead are more like "how does it happen, and what conditions does it require?".


Many ideas have been proposed. Darwin's constant change over time. Punctuated equilibrium, long periods of stasis followed by quick periods of change. I am not quite sure what the most accepted version of Darwin's theory is, but I am pretty sure it is something like punctuated equilibrium.



This link gives some background on how species change over time, and the requirements for lasting change.


This one gives some information on how evolution behaves in regards to mate choice. This is by all accounts not the full story on evolution, just some extra background knowledge.


This link is what I was referencing earlier when I talked about the changes in ways genes behave.




I am no biology expert, let alone an evolutionary biologist, so don't take what I have to say to heart. I would read Dawkins "The Greatest Show on Earth" for more information. He is a biologist, and, if I am correct, an evolutionary biologist.

Evolution is actually very simple. Creatures vary over time. New traits emerge. If a trait helps the species better pass along its genes, or survive, it continues. Otherwise, it recedes into the background and/or disappears entirely. 

Simple as that. 


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