So basically I want to see what other people think.

In my opinion this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. No matter how disrespectful this video was, it does not justify killing people and burning embassies.

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If you say "I don't believe in your religion" what group of theists is most likely to stone you? Penn Jillette said that his show Bullshit never took on Islam because they have families. They did lots of shows on Christianity and never had any problems.

Turn on your TV.

I also read that a lot of the dialogue was dubbed in over the actor's voices in post-production, so the actors really didn't know that it was going to turn out the way it did. How do you blame the entire nation of America for that?

I'm sure the instigators over there aren't explaining that. Also, people in most of these countries have become accustomed to authoritarian governments which censor and manage what can be presented and so assume that anything like this must have a government behind it.

THIS is encouraging:

"Saudi Grand Mufti calls attacks on foreign embassies un-Islamic"

That's Mama America! We Arabs call the United States "Mama America" as a political name to show how important is this political mother.

In case if the Iranians attacked us, Mama America will protect us because we have oil.. LOL :P

The is one of the most important aims of the Saudi politics which is to keep the Saudi-American  relations as good as possible..The Saudi government use that Mufti to support it's political agenda...

America is one of the best Saudi Arabia's friends.. Saudi Arabia and the United States have a very good relations..

And yet as I understand it Hope, some high-ranking al Quaeda members are Saudi who also oppose the current Saudi regime - how did they get so belligerent and so opposed to the US?

Because the U.S. is an easy target to get their followers to rally around. Why would they try to rally their sheep around an evil Iceland or Guatemala? Also, the U.S. is holding things together in the Middle East, whereas they would prefer turmoil leading to the destruction of Israel and the establishment of sharia-run states. In that regard, we are the enemy of the radical Islamists. We represent freedom and free thinking which is anathema to ignorance and oppression.

Yeah true.. One of al Qaeda's aims is to destroy the Saudi regime..

I just wish the damned oil could be taken out of the equation.

The energy sector is definitely moving away from fossil fuels. It's only a matter of time.

I guess what I'm saying RMA, is that when we help a country in the Middle East, I would like it to be because the people there deserve our help, and not just because they have oil we want - too much of what America does in the Middle East is governed by the American need for oil, and I just wish that that were off the table.

If one is going to do something positive, it should be done with no thought of return.


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