So basically I want to see what other people think.

In my opinion this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. No matter how disrespectful this video was, it does not justify killing people and burning embassies.

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RE: "the original text (Greek?)" - Hebrew --

I have to believe you if you are sure (because I am not). However, I do know that the oldest texts of some versions of the books in The Bible are in Greek.

The majority of the Bible was written before Alexander's conquest in c.300 BCE - in fact, that conquest is the primary reason that the Bible, and its offspring, Christianity and Islam, survive today. At a conference in Alexandria, 72 (funny how that number keeps popping up) Hebrew scholars translated the Pentateuch into Greek.

Their work was completed in - you guessed it - 72 days!

I think Lars Vilks, who drew the Mohammed cartoons, puts it best; Muslims will have to be offended until they're done being offended. Being from a country in which 'Life of Brian' was banned due to blasphemy laws(!) a mere generation ago and has since progressed to a post-religious nation, I can't really see any other option. 

The Onion had the best story on the issue, under the headline "No One Murdered Because Of This Image" they engage in equal opportunity offending:

Well, I note that Mohammed isn't in it. Maybe that's why no one has been murdered.

The cartoonist obviously didn't have a suicide wish.

RE: "The cartoonist obviously didn't have a suicide wish." - I started to say, "Or maybe he was just trying to be respectful," but looking at the cartoon, even I don't believe that!

Yeah, Jews will vehemently oppose Moses being depicted as having a smaller dick than Ganesha.

I think that this movie was nothing but crap.. These kinds of videos do not teach anything to anyone, and wise ones are those who keep silent when hearing news like that because this movie should not be spread as it is a low class movie too.   The main aim of that movie is insult muslim not to criticize Islam.. When you're insulting them, they think of nothing but revenge by attacking embassies an all that...

I'm assuming that the ones who made this crap are 'theists' because they no nothing about criticising religions.. That's the difference between us and theists, we are free thinkers, and we know how to criticize religions using our critical thinking skills.

And, of course all religions are illusions but, if we wanna pull those theist out of their boxes, all what we need is promoting basic methods of critical thinking and not by insults.

I think everyone agrees that it was a poorly made movie, intended to tittilate and gain fame and notoriety for the film makers, but killing innocent people solves nothing.

Of course, there is no reason for all that violence..

//...embassies and* all that...//

//I'm assuming that the ones who made this crap are 'theists' because they know* nothing about..//

~I have to correct my errors..



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