CNN has made a list of the world's most dangerous terrorists ... the list included men of different nationalities, ethnicitys and languages ... but they all share one thing ... they were all Muslims.

who are the world's 10 most dangerous terrorists?

I checked the FBI list of the 10 most wanted list of terrorists .. 9 out of 10 were muslims .. the entire list of wanted terrorists is almost all muslims.

and yet some people still believe that it's a religion of peace and prosperity.

There is a huge problem within this religion and something has to be done about it pretty soon.

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Sorry for the rant. Read more texts on sociology.

Religion is regional, and is driven by people in power over the region. IMO, it takes a lot of arrogance to claim that any text is sacred or the word of a god, not to mention the arrogance of enforcing one's narrow interpretation of it on others.

I.e., the largest problems stem from what people choose to do with the text. Other than that, it should have no more power than myth.

Yup, I agree. 
I just can't understand how athiests (and supposedly humanists?) could talk about KILLING so nonchalantly. 

Thank you for that . It is good for our atheist community to get views on islam that don't come from  people who have no more understanding of it than what our news media feeds us.

That's true... the news media is probably the number one contributor to islamic conversions in this century. Non-muslims look at how the media portrays islam and muslims, then they look at the muslims around them (which drives them into curiousness around the religion, and find nothing from what is in the media and so they convert). People often do not know how to differentiate between an oppressed group and existential truths. They feel that according to their simplistic idea of a political conspiracy that since the media lies about it, then it must be something good which the evil media wants us to get away from. The media is highly uninformed, and if it was to make the correct arguments against Islam, the same arguments would probably have to apply to Christianity and Judaism... and that's not what they want. For example, there are no mentions of seventy two virgins in the Quran. However, the Quran mentions that heaven will be full of sexual pleasures and maidens for men (yet none of those mentions for women). It also claims that God hates those who do not believe in him, and punishes them in horrible ways for not believing in prophets who do fancy magic tricks (rather than perhaps taking the reasonable approach of making strong arguments for the existence of a monotheistic God... other than "oh look at the sun, I wonder who made it"). But when the media portrays the 72 virgins part... and a non-muslim checks and finds no mention of it, he/she will start to think that there is some hidden truth in the religion. And especially when you demonize muslims. Most converts I know only converted because they were islamophobic and somehow broke out of it by being introduced and surrounded by Muslim friends... and by observing these friends the person converts without ever having read the Qur'an. I asked about three of them for their arguments, and they held nothing compelling, and almost all of them had some mention of "I was surprised to see that Muslims were good people, not like what i was told on tv. And when I got to know them, I wanted to be like them". And then when people like me question the religion they're seen to be complete nutjobs because the Muslims see all those converts and they think "oh we must be right... the truth always prevails and more people joining Islam can only attest to how true it must be"... without having studied the Quran themselves either. This is all very frustrating lol -__-'

I just read Sam's article. I don't know anything about the people he names as "Islamic apologists", and I certainly hope he wouldn't label me as such. If I supported Muslims that acted like Malala, would that make me an apologist? Absolutely not! But supporting behavior like Malala's is what I'm talking about, as a way to defang Islam.

I know, people will say "good luck with defanging Islam. But I'll say again, is wiping out all Muslims then the only possible solution? That's seriously impossible, and inhumane. The war on true evil has to be surgical, not indiscriminate, which is why I support drone warfare... to cut off the heads (so to speak) of the Islamists who use decapitation and fear to force their view of Islam on everyone else.

It seems fighting fire with fire is the legacy of our violent civilization. After listening to a very coherent young mind being interviewed by westerners I would rather we take the course of her convictions -education. Malala Yousafzai believes the education of the masses will be the ultimate demise of the gihadists and Taliban. On PBS she went so far as to accuse the Taliban members of not even knowing the true content of their Koran. Her message is one of peace and nonviolence. May the idea catch on.

I hear what you are saying but If they deleted all the offensive calls to violence against non-believers contained in the Koran, it would be a quicker read. I am certain the Taliban would argue that they are the one who are educated.

I think it was Unseen who said something about "philosophical education" being the key. An education heavy in math and hard science doesn't really address the issues. Opening you mind to all sorts of ideas about how to live is paramount to eradication of religion. Unfortunately philosophical knowledge doesn't pay and is not highly valued these days.

Education is what will eventually destroy all religions. As people become educated the “god filling” falls out of the gaps and get replaced by reasoned knowledge. Religion has no defence against it. Malala will inspire many and start to crack the system from within.

Parts of what you typed here are worth discussing ... but the provocative and agressive way you've worded your statement makes it pretty difficult to have any useful kind of conversation. Consider these questions:

Is there anything the west can do (constructively) to eliminate the most extreme elements of Islam (or any religion for that matter) without creating more problems? 

If members of Islam do not make an effort to curb extremism...are they equally to blame?

Could Islam conceivably realise it's slogan and become a religion of actual peace and prosperity?

CNN made the list - so how does that lend it any credibility. I would be more interested to ask someone from each country who they thought the to three most dangerous terrorist were to them in their daily lives. While i am sure a substantial number would be muslim(whatever that is exactly), i am also sure quite a large number would be found to have links to western intelligence agencies.

what about the tenth ? will he convert to Islam :D

Yes, but you're talking about the CIA. Of course their top ten will be Muslim. I'm not saying Islam is a religion of peace, I'm still trying to figure it out. But the US definition of terrorism is very narrow. If you ask me, George Bush should be on top of that list, but apparently state terror is not really terror, especially not if you're at the top of the food chain of global politics.


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