i was reading a blog post written by Ericka M. Johnson is reply to a call for atheists all over the world to give some attention to Islam "Dear atheist, we ex-Muslims are waiting for you"

She has summarized why Islam is a consummation of all the worst that religion has to offer:

  • Cult-like isolation from other world views means generation after generation is born into ignorance.
  • Circumcision of boys and girls because healthy children aren’t born perfect; they must have a knife taken to their genitals.
  • Leaving the faith means death. Apostasy is considered one of the worst crimes.
  • Treating women as sub-human pieces of property that must be beaten into obedience means at least half the population is silenced before they can speak.
  • Personalized angel duo watches you at every moment, keeping a tally of all the good and bad you do so that you can be judged when you die.
  • Reward of heaven is used as an incentive to kill and maim innocent people.
  • Unyielding dogma leaves no room for thoughtful criticism nor humor.
  • Islam means Submission. They want to be slaves to their god; it’s right there in the name.

it was very well written and thought i might share it here.

However i don't agree that we should be waiting for atheist from all over the world to fight our war while we wait and see .. i think we have more responsibilities as we know more of that religion and know the mentality deriving it .. we know exactly where it hurts.

it's our responsibility to speak out, criticize and question that religion.

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I blame the hip hop.

Note: the article makes no mention of Islam (a large purveyor of FGM).

 Someone mentioned earlier in this thread that one can always speak out against the brutalities with out speaking against the religion. Maybe this approach will be helpful in deconstructing Sharia'.

 Any thoughts?

Faith that is forced upon one rather than allowed to be organic is false. Any religion or government that prescribes punishment for non-belief or critcism of it is not worthy of respect. This is why we believe in and allow Freedom of Speech.

Perhaps if the above could be sloganized and as consumable as (say) soft drinks?

  • Things go better with Freedom
  • ???

This just in, from The Secular Coalition For America:

UN:  In recognition of Human Rights Day on December 10, the International Humanist and Ethical Union released a report detailing laws around the world which restrict the rights to freedom of belief and expression, and instances of nonreligious persons facing discrimination and persecution. The 72-page report, titled "Freedom of Thought 2012: A Global Report on Discrimination Against ...," was produced in collaboration with the Center for Inquiry, American Humanist Association, Secular Coalition for America, and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason. The report has received widespread news coverage by outlets such as Reuters, Huffington Post, NBC News, The Blaze, and the Jakarta Globe.

I would suspect that torpedoes the Islamic-proposed resolution for making it an international crime to criticize religions.

so i might be labeled as "wanted" by the Interpol ... perfect :D

NO, the Islamic proposal has never gone through, Marvel, in fact, the report discusses laws around the world that RESTRICT the rights of freedom of belief and expression.

Which is better, to be wanted or unwanted?:P


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