i was reading a blog post written by Ericka M. Johnson is reply to a call for atheists all over the world to give some attention to Islam "Dear atheist, we ex-Muslims are waiting for you"

She has summarized why Islam is a consummation of all the worst that religion has to offer:

  • Cult-like isolation from other world views means generation after generation is born into ignorance.
  • Circumcision of boys and girls because healthy children aren’t born perfect; they must have a knife taken to their genitals.
  • Leaving the faith means death. Apostasy is considered one of the worst crimes.
  • Treating women as sub-human pieces of property that must be beaten into obedience means at least half the population is silenced before they can speak.
  • Personalized angel duo watches you at every moment, keeping a tally of all the good and bad you do so that you can be judged when you die.
  • Reward of heaven is used as an incentive to kill and maim innocent people.
  • Unyielding dogma leaves no room for thoughtful criticism nor humor.
  • Islam means Submission. They want to be slaves to their god; it’s right there in the name.

it was very well written and thought i might share it here.

However i don't agree that we should be waiting for atheist from all over the world to fight our war while we wait and see .. i think we have more responsibilities as we know more of that religion and know the mentality deriving it .. we know exactly where it hurts.

it's our responsibility to speak out, criticize and question that religion.

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I suppose that belching platitudes IS another approach to solving the problem, though I must question its effectiveness.

yeah... You didn't get what I was saying there.

 Playing a supporting roll (as I said) isn't turning my back.

 I can only partially relate but I wasn't raised in that culture/religion.

 I can stand up against religion but whats my part in that? Well, it starts at home. 

 If you want  buy a plane ticket to the heart of islam (where ever that is) and play an active roll in changing their dogma, philosophies, fight the effects that that religion has on policies etc. My fight is here with these policies, mindsets etc.

Jared - I hope you didn't think my last comment was addressed to you, it wasn't.

However, I don't believe any of us is likely to fly to an Islamic country, where we would be totally ineffective and likely deported in a heartbeat - what I was asking, is what can WE do here, that might help them, there.

I didn't think that. I was addressing Simon's accusation of me turning my back. The forum can be a bit confusing at times.

Jared, with all due respect, our fight against Christianity is a playground scuffle, compared to what these guys have to live with every day.

 I agree but, in terms of efficiency I can do more on the playground.

I do acknowledge it and I bring up what I am aware of in conversation as to raise awareness. I take part in conversations like these when I can as to learn more. This is my supporting roll. Limited  I know.

 If I had a choice to donate money to a charity it would be the one that makes the biggest impact. For instance: If $500 worth of mosquito nets saved more lives than say $500 towards finding a cure for cancer then I would go with mosquito nets.

 But curious though, should I ever take the fight to Islam then what more could I do than raise awareness? Admittedly I have limited tools with my current fight as it is and one of my main tools is using the bible against itself. I don't know the Qur'an but a little. I keep hearing that it doesn't translate well to English so I'm not sure that I will ever know it as well as those that speak the tongue.

 If I'm missing a point let me know. Maybe there is something more I can do.

No, you're not missing a point - in fact, I think we both have the same question, what can we do?

I realize you and I are more familiar with the Bible than the Quran, but that aside, no religion has a right to tell girls they can't have an education, to tell anyone that if they choose to reject the religion, having once accepted it, they must die, or to imprison those who even criticize it. Neither of us has to know anything about the book, to know that that's wrong.

  Agreed. It just leaves me with one tool less rendering me nearly useless in the matter of rhetoric as far as deconversion goes. I guess I was trying to convey my feeling of helplessness on the matter.

 The fact that they might die is probably reason enough for them to not listen to me. Here in the west people don't have to worry about that. I can get people and key people to listen. Making a larger impact.

 I think that if this discussion doesn't turn into potential solutions (as oppose pointing out what we already know) then another discussion should be.

 I like the think tank Idea but with out knowing the ins and outs I don't even know where to begin. I mean it would be helpful to have an inside expert of sorts. Like you said it's Sharia. This is religion and government and I have no clue how to approach it especially with out a full understanding of it.

We've often noticed that most theists who come on the board don't know as much about their own religion, as those of us who have studied and rejected it.

By that definition, we have a whole panel of Sharia experts right here on TA.

LOL! Well, then lets do this!

So ask them what you feel you need to know.

you don't have to criticize Islam .. supporting those who get arrested, tortured or sometimes killed would be more than enough .. putting pressure on the theological governments in the middle east would be enough.

you can pressure on the US government and the EU to prevent them from over looking the human rights violations that take place by the middle eastern countries in the name of religion.

cutting the funds and aids paid to the theocratic dectatorine regimes would implement a serious threat to the stability of these governments.

actually criticizing islam directly from the west might backfire on all of us.


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