i was reading a blog post written by Ericka M. Johnson is reply to a call for atheists all over the world to give some attention to Islam "Dear atheist, we ex-Muslims are waiting for you"

She has summarized why Islam is a consummation of all the worst that religion has to offer:

  • Cult-like isolation from other world views means generation after generation is born into ignorance.
  • Circumcision of boys and girls because healthy children aren’t born perfect; they must have a knife taken to their genitals.
  • Leaving the faith means death. Apostasy is considered one of the worst crimes.
  • Treating women as sub-human pieces of property that must be beaten into obedience means at least half the population is silenced before they can speak.
  • Personalized angel duo watches you at every moment, keeping a tally of all the good and bad you do so that you can be judged when you die.
  • Reward of heaven is used as an incentive to kill and maim innocent people.
  • Unyielding dogma leaves no room for thoughtful criticism nor humor.
  • Islam means Submission. They want to be slaves to their god; it’s right there in the name.

it was very well written and thought i might share it here.

However i don't agree that we should be waiting for atheist from all over the world to fight our war while we wait and see .. i think we have more responsibilities as we know more of that religion and know the mentality deriving it .. we know exactly where it hurts.

it's our responsibility to speak out, criticize and question that religion.

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As some of you may know, but likely many, not, Islamist countries have been trying for 8 or 9 years now to get a resolution passed by the UN, making criticism of any religion an international crime, so they can cross national boundries in pursuit of those who would "defame" Islam. It was voted down once, but they rewrote and renamed it and re-submitted it, and it is still pending. I used to have the name and number of it, but I no longer do.

If someone wanted to Google and publish information about it, all of us, regardless of country of origin, could contact our country's UN Representative and tell that person how we feel. At least that's a start.

With the beginning of the new year, I am playing catch-up with all of the things I put off for the holidays, and just don't have time at the moment, to hunt it down.

First, let me say, Marvel, that I agree with you completely. But let me also try to explain how it is on this side of the coin. No matter how we might prefer it to be otherwise, the US and many other other countries are seen as "Christian" Nations, and even though we, personally, are atheists, as Americans, we are seen as part of that Nation, so when we protest against the spread of radical Islam, we are seen as the Crusades-old Christian versus Islam feud and written off as Islamiphobic. 

Also, because our history has been one of freedom of religion, we tend to feel we are going against that concept when we protest Islam.

I believe that the one thing we of the Western World CAN safely protest, without being ignored, are the ABUSES of Islam, rather than Islam itself. Once the abuses are ended, and people are allowed to reject the religion if they choose, allowed to criticize it without fear of retribution, girls - half your population - are freely allowed to pursue the education they choose and given equal rights with men, then Islam will die a slow death, like all religions have. In fact, that's what those who repress, fear most.

One way, and I don't know how it is possible, but maybe we could become a collective "think tank," and come up with some ideas, is economically - if there were a way to boycott products produced by a country that insists on a Sharia government, rather than a secular one, in which all are free to choose their own belief system, possibly they could be starved into submission (and I don't mean submission in the Islamic sense, but to the REAL god of the earth, economic stability).

I know it's difficult to believe that individuals can ever effect massive change, but here, in this country, we, through protest movements, broke the back of government-backed racial segregation laws, we forced the US government to pull out of Viet Nam - as a group, people can do a lot more than they would ever believe they can do.

unfortunately most of the countries that supports sharia laws are failed states .. excluding Iran and Saudi Arabia as their economies depends mainly on the gas

Religions in general , and the monotheisms in particular , are reprehensible . The Islamic monotheism is particularly evil and vile . The overwhelming reason for this , is that it has yet to experience any sort of reformation and renaissance since its descent into the philosophical , cultural , and scientific dark ages way back in the eleventh century . The culture has not emerged to this day from their suicidal plunge into ignorance and madness . It should serve as a dire warning to our own civilization , and strengthen our resolve to fight against the theocratic maniacs with every fiber of our being .

And the ironic thing is, there was a time when the Arab Muslims, along with the Egyptians, Indians, and Mayans were among the leading civilizing forces on the planet. Way ahead of the Europeans.

Meddling in people's affairs is a trait that are always found in those who are religious. The atheist stands by and let's them dig their own graves. 

Until they start digging ours.

I'm sure they'll be too deep into their graves before that happens at this rate. Of course there is going to be collateral damage. Accidents happen.

It is not Islam as a religion that is the problem but the fundamentalists that are using it as a political force. It has become so entwined with politics that it is difficult to tell them apart. This is especially true of Wahabi Sunnis especially in Saudi Arabia. Would I be correct in saying that?

Look at this insanity:

Gunmen kill 5 female teachers in Pakistan

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — Gunmen in northwest Pakistan killed five teachers and two aid workers from a non-governmental organization Tuesday as they were driving home from work. The group's director said they may have been targeted for their anti-polio work.

Militants in the past have accused health workers of acting as spies for the U.S., alleging the vaccine is intended to make Muslim children sterile. Last month, nine people working on an anti-polio vaccination campaign were shot and killed. Four of those shootings were in the northwest where Tuesday's attack took place.

The attack was another reminder of the risks to women educators and aid workers from Islamic militants who oppose their work. It was in the same conservative province where militants shot and seriously wounded 15-year-old Malala Yousufzai, an outspoken young activist for girls' education, in October.

IMO, the US needs to sit down with Pakistan, and arrange for the US, combined with Pakistani forces, to go into that province, unannounced, clean it out and establish governmental garisons there to continue to maintain the peace. That request needs to be tied directly to US foreign aid to Pakistan, that should be suspended until it happens.

I'm not a militarist, I don't believe we had any valid reason to invade Korea, or Viet Nam or Iraq, but this sort of thing must be stopped, and Pakistan certainly is not going to do it.

Islamic leaders KNOW that the illiterate are their strongest supporters, and that to maintain their positions, depends on keeping as many uneducated as possible. The religion rules through fear and ignorance.


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