In a religious country such as Egypt, despite atheism being a taboo highly frowned upon, atheists say their numbers are on the rise. But with any new movement taking hold, a cultural backlash is bound to ensue.
In an attempt to understand the tribulation faced by Egypt’s atheists, Egypt Independent met with 15 atheists, mostly in their 20s, at a café in downtown Cairo.
a very interesting article published by Egypt Independent newspaper (English portal) today.

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It's possible that Physeter was just being sloppy.  There certainly was a lot of interest, by many people--nominal Muslims--in the Middle East in science; they were trying to pick up where the Greeks left off.  Unfortunately hard core muslims got into power and ended it, and Europeans had to pick up where that left off--at great risk to themselves and in a slow painful process of throwing back their own theocrats.

Ah the standard rant about labels.  The problem with Islam is more than just the fact that people use it as a label; it's the content of the concept it labels.

You just now: "I don't like personifying an ideology as a human."

I was just following suit. You last night: "Luckily, Islam is not great at science or we would all be dead"

Yes, I was just being sloppy. And as I look over my response, I'm not sure I did a very good job if "defending Islam's credibility or history" is what I wanted to do. You might argue that the early success of Arabic scientists, which was stamped out by Islam, is just proof of how dangerous Islam is.

It was kind of a knee-jerk anti-bigotry reaction, but perhaps it was misplaced here.

In other words, the people who call themselves Muslims were once able to do science along with/in spite of their beliefs, but then the people leading the religion decided they needed to go more fundamentalist. I wonder why that is?

Likewise, Christianity used to be very anti-science. Things have loosened up in recent years, so many of the great advances in Western science were made by people who called themselves Christians, living in predominately Christian countries. Even though by following the Bible literally, you might end up as a young-Earth creationist or even a flat-earther. I wonder why that is?

@Nate - No worries, mate, I see what you mean. Take it easy. :)

Thanks Marvel for sharing that article.

This audio slideshow by Mosaab Elshamy is very good.  Respect.


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