In a religious country such as Egypt, despite atheism being a taboo highly frowned upon, atheists say their numbers are on the rise. But with any new movement taking hold, a cultural backlash is bound to ensue.
In an attempt to understand the tribulation faced by Egypt’s atheists, Egypt Independent met with 15 atheists, mostly in their 20s, at a café in downtown Cairo.
a very interesting article published by Egypt Independent newspaper (English portal) today.

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Thanks for posting that.  It was a really interesting article :)  All of the atheists seem to have arrived at their position as a result of independent thought, and the article seems to have somehow captured an element of peace within it.  I really enjoyed reading it. 

Of course I also wanted to reach through the screen and pull them all into TA, and more specifically into this group.  You guys and girls rock!

i know the guy "Evan" .. he's a very nice and funny.

I think I would rather see the rise of secularism in Egypt, than atheism, there's less chance of a bloody Muslim backlash, and in a secular society, it's easier for one to transition to atheism without so much fear of repercussions.


Muslims here know the consequences of secularism ... that's why it's often mentioned in the same sentence with atheism .
not to mention that Islam itself doesn't encourage secularism.
in the muslim world, secularism need a strong atheist community to support it otherwise it won't happen.

Marvel, thank you for posting this.  

I could use the help of someone versed in Islam and the Qu'ran.  

The atheist morality theory I've been working on is well advanced and taking shape nicely. It's a very simple theory. 

Coincidentally, it explains the inner workings of mysticism and religion in exquisite clarity and simplicity, in purely atheist terms.  It validates the essence of religion rather than disproving it.  

I've been aiming to illustrate any and all points with quotes taken from religious texts of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.  I also want to include Sikhism when I've learned something about it.  

The reasons for this are that:  1) they say it so well;  2) I hope it will foster good relations between the religions and between atheism and religion.    

So, potentially, atheism can make friends with religion, on common ground and with mutual respect.  

What do you think of this idea?  

Do you know someone who can help me with the Islamic side of it?  

I can give you the website address if you want to have a look.  

I don't expect to get through it without upsetting a lot of people. 

Unlike other religions .. Islam isn't about spirituality only but you have to apply Sharia Law .. Islamic teachings are about ruling and prevailing.
Islam can't live side by side with other religions .. there's a reason why there is no other religions in Saudi Arabia .. Muhammed hunted every non-muslim living there .. even christians and jews who are supposed to believe in the same god as islam does .. but the problem was they don't apply Sharia Law.

I'm sorry to disappoint you but i don't see any good thing could come out of islam.

In this country (UK), among people who actually live and work alongside Muslims, they tend to be respected as honorable, decent, principled, civilized, hardworking people.  

As I understand it, Muslims tend to be distressed about the negative image they have in the rest of the world, and the negative image of the Prophet Muhammad.  As I read about the early days of the creation of Islam, it sounds very attractive and beautiful as a religion/philosophy, in many aspects anyway.  Muhammad saw Islam as a continuation, an Arab version of Judaism/Christianity which broke away. 

I have found much to admire there and have found a few quotes to use which support my moral philosophy and description of enlightenment.  I completely understand about the apparent intolerance and seemingly irrational strictness of the present day.  But to move forward with this project I have to concentrate on all the positive I see - otherwise we can't get anywhere.  If we can see positive in Islam then maybe Islam will want to see positive in us.  There's no other way to build bridges.  Of course, it's always going to be an uphill battle. 

there is a post i published about two weeks ago that shows my thoughts about peaceful Islam .. don't know if you have read it.
here is a link for it .. .

Islam ,by the way, is against picking what's "positive" or leaving all the other things ... there is a Quranic verse that says (So do you believe in part of the Scripture and disbelieve in part? Then what is the recompense for those who do that among you except disgrace in worldly life; and on the Day of Resurrection they will be sent back to the severest of punishment.) {2:85}

Thanks for that Marvel, I'll take on board what you say. 

well said Nate .. the video is highly recommended to watch ,thx for sharing it.

Islam was once very scientific. Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks about it. That's why we use "Arabic" numerals, that's why Arabs invented algebra, that's why so many of the stars have Arabic names. Eventually they decided that doing math and studying science was sinful, and they've been stuck in the dark ages ever since.


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