Every week since last June i had been posting a discussion inviting anyone who wants to join us.

So i decided to make one discussion for all the weeks. Yes i am lazy get over it ;)

To all Atheists/Agnostics/Deists/Non-theists/Anti-Theists, we meet up every week usually Wednesdays at 08:00 PM, so if anybody wants to join in anytime just send me a message and i will tell you the place and the time if it changes.

We meet in Cairo, Egyptians or any Atheist or a non-theist of any kind from any part of our pale blue dot (thanks Sagan) passing by Cairo is welcome.

If the meetups ever stop i will post a reply to this post. We are 12 and growing on bi-weekly basis, so there is always a meetup where not all are present but yo all must know that there are like minded people out there who actually meet have a beer and speak their minds without worrying what others may think.

I will always post a reply to this post just to keep it on top of all the others.

Please dont post replies to this discussion so i can easily handle it.

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sorry for the late reply pal. I added you already that day. See you

Do you know of any similar meetups but in Alex?

There are in alex i am sure. Will try and hook you up with some on fb

Cool then.
Although I keep going back and forth between wanting to try such meetups, and being too paranoid to go thinking it's not safe cuz..this is Egypt.

yeah mostly ppl are scared of it indeed. anyways whenever you feel like it


i wish to join one in Cairo :)


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