i have been following this channel since it came out a year ago

a 45 years old man runs this channel with videos that question everything .. He defines himself as "anti God and his messenger"

i like his logic and his boldness and thought of sharing the link with u guys.


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I'm not sure if he is a doctor or not ... i guess u'll need subtitles for that or some sort of an instant translator .. wish i can help u with that.

i might post a summary of the main points he said in the video asap.

here is a short summary:

-the video title is "why i'm an atheist" .. i'm not the one who should explain his atheism  but the believers are the ones who should explain why do they believe in an imaginary god

-i don't like to define myself as an atheist but better as an anti-religion as religions have made catastrophic damages to the humanity , that's why i'd like to define myslef as an anti-religion although i'm an atheist

- evolution should have put an end to the creationism and proven that all three ibrahemic religions are fraud

-all ibrahemic religions have no historical not scientific proof for their legitimacy

- i was a muslim celebrating its festivals and feasts .. not a strict muslim

- the incident of Shokry Moustafa the head of an Islamic terrorist group who kidnapped a minister in Egypt and killed him , i started to read more and knew the ugly truth about islam and islamic groups.

-i thought the capture and execution of Shokry Mostafa will put an end to the violence but i was naive as i was just looking at a small part of the big picture representing the violence in the name of god


Sorry for the delay in reply

Thanks for sharing marvel i had been watching his vids for a long time too.. i do agree with him on a lot of things but i do have a different opinion with him when it gets to the revolution

every one have a different opinion when it gets to the revolution and politics ... i have'nt seen two people who agree about everything that happened over the past year and a half here in Egypt :))

Hahaha, nice video.
The guy is funny, but sadly the comments aren't really good :(
I am thinking of getting this guy in our next meeting. What do you guys say?

From what i understood from some of his recent videos he live in the US

Hmm, ok.

Oh, this guy is "foloul" :(


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