so .. police and state security (SS) will be hunting down atheists.

Alexandria head of state security General Amin said in a TV interview that they are assembling a team of undercover police-men whose main mission is identifying, tracking and capturing atheists.

i don't wanna be paranoid but this is serious .. things here are getting crazier everyday .. so take care everyone.

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Be careful Marvel, there is no limit how stupid people can get.


That's terrible

@Marvel and all secular Egyptians:

I had high hopes when I read the draft of the new Egyptian constitution (Article 64: "Freedom of belief is absolute") but lately it seems like the news from your country just keeps getting worse and worse. Take good care of yourselves my friends.

By way of encouragement: from the reports I've read, it doesn't seem like the Egyptian authorities are using very sophisticated methods to identify and track atheists online.

For example, five months ago a student at Suez Canal University named Sherif Jaber was arrested for promoting atheism on his Facebook account after several of his peers and a professor reported him to the authorities. Likewise, blogger Alber Saber used his real name when criticizing religion on his Facebook page. The same was the case for Kareem Amer, who published under his real name and was jailed for atheism and offenses against Islam. There are several other examples like these.

Maybe these are only the high profile cases that the International news is reporting, I don't know. But the trend seems to be that going public, attempting to organize into groups, and (most of all) using your real name is what gets you a mob beating and a trip to your local jail. It seems that using an alias and disguised photos of yourself is much safer.

Of course, the safest move of all, besides using an alias, is using a Tor Browser bundle, which by all accounts is probably good enough to defeat the most powerful signal intelligence technology in the world. So what hope do a bunch of low-tech idiots in the Egyptian government have against it? They know how to pull the plug, but they're not so good at eavesdropping.

Tor is a good and safe option until now

Qasim Rashid is a Muslim who frequently advocates for atheists—surprising some theists and atheists alike. - See more at:

When freedom of religious thought is illegal, only criminals will have freedom of religious thought. 

Love ur last sentence :)


Weather the battle by thinking of the war.

Get as good as possible at information management; this is the information age.

This is awful !

Brilliant piece of inof (maho da elli kan na2isna bgd) GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

You guys be careful, I can't afford to lose friends.

There is nothing new or surprising in this, authorities made aggressive actions against atheists in universities before, and arrested and prosecuted people for being atheists or irreligious, it's just become more official now!


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