Hi guys, I sometimes have discussions with my parents about god and religion. They are Christians, I mean orthodox Christians. My arguments are always stronger because they are more logical and scientific. I realized that every time I keep arguing until they tell me: "What can you say about the Holy Light that comes in Jerusalem every year in a Saturday and make fire that doesn't burn?" Here I stop for a minute and say that I don't know much about that. So, can anyone give an argument (a logical/scientific one) that helps me in this situations. Waiting for your replies ;D

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I posted a pic about that.. you may may find it useful..


Fire Magic Tricks,
(Handheld Fireballs)
> Fireballs You Can Hold in Your Hand
Fire is made up of light and heated gases from combustion. You can control the temperature of fire by selecting a fuel that burns with a cool flame. If you pour the fuel onto a substance that won't burn, you can make a fireball that you can hold in your hand or juggle. Here are written instructions for making your own handheld fireballs. There is also a step-by-step video tutorial of this fire project if you would like see what to expect.

Hmm, so the whole secret is naphtha!?!? They just changed the fuel so the whole thing is just fake! WOW, I want to try making the cool fireball :D. Thanks a lot.

I was like, what? What the hell are those palestinians do?... Playing with fire? Now I know the secret.. Hahaha!

I didn't think it was "real". Really cool :D

Though that means that those people are consciously deceiving people so what does that say about their faith? xD 

Good point :D

holy? it's as holy as the Olympic torch



Old cached Russian site *English bot translation)


I have an atheist friend that always tell me: "L'esprit voit toujours ce qu'il veut voir." That means:  The mind always see what it wants to see. ;)

reminds me of the flaming dr pepper shots .. they are holy too, u know ;)

Yeah hahaha :D

Tell your parents to take you to Jerusalem so that you can check it out for yourself.. while you are there go to some strip clubs in tel aviv

Hahah xD
In a day, I will go by myself to visit both places there.


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