She's nude again!!

Protesting against sharia law in front of the Egyptian embassy in Sweden!

International women's movement FEMEN and antiislamist Egyptian activist Alia al-Mahdi have called to say NO to Sharia constitution in Egypt! Stockholm, Sweden.

Check it out here:

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Egyptian nudist in new secularism stunt

Activist Aliaa Al Mahdy appears nude protesting outside the Egyptian embassy with anti-Islamic slogans

  • Gulf News Report
  • Published: 20:02 December 20, 2012
  • Gulf News

i wonder how that happened .. 1338 views and not a single comment??

that's very weird .. i have an explanation for that phenomena but won't elaborate it now :P

But everyone looks at three NAKED women with signs. - So true!

She destroyed Islamic clerics by her little tiny body.. She freaked them out and that's enough!

You have the message and the medium, message is women's rights to arabs, is the best medium a nude arab apostate woman? I'm not sure!


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