Hint : you might find this not interesting if u don't speak Arabic.

Atheism is usually translated in arabic into "elhad" الحاد, while "elhad" actually means "going astray" and thats my problem with the word.

حاد يحيد الحادا فهو ملحد أي مال عن الطريق الصحيح

Astray : Away from the correct path or direction.

Who said that Religion is the correct path anyway? .. who said that me refusing religion means that i've deviated and made an error or a questionable behavior?

I refuse to use the word "elhad" as a word that defines my refusal of religion .. it's a very misleading word.

It was used by the muslim scholars to describe those who questions Islam or criticizes religion to drive the public away causing a wrong misjudgment.

Me using it means that i agree that the religion is the right path and that i've left it into a wrong one.

Sometimes I laugh my heart out of names like "ملحد و افتخر" or "astray & proud" as the name contradict itself .. and the irony in using the word "astray" to define myself while arguing with others that i'm right and they are wrong .. it really doesn't make any sense.

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لا ديني هو الوصف الدقيق أعتقد لانه ترجمه حرفيه لكلمه اثيزم اللاتينيه و لكن ليس بالضروره يعنى رفض فكره آله و لكن مفهوم لان من يرفض اديان مع الايمان بوجود خالق هو ربوي او دايزت- اذا ضمنيا اللا ديني يرفض فكرة الخالق

بالنسبه لالحاد فهي من منظور اسلامي حيث أصل الكلمه العربي تعني تحدي و رفض نبوة محمد بعد الدخول اسلام او ولاده عليه و ليس بالضروره رفض فكرة خالق بل رفض فكرة الدين المنتمي اليه و تطورها لتشمل مسيحيو او يهود العرب و لذلك من وجهة نظري لا تتناسب لوصفنا و لاديني هي الصحيحه

شخصيا لا تشكل لي مشكله لان مذهبي السياسي كأناركي شيوعي يصف الكثير من معتقداتي دون التركيز أو اعطاء أهميه للدين بالأخص الذي هو في النهايه أمر شخصي جدا

لاستفزاز أصدقاء من المؤمنين خاصه أثناء الجدال أقول لهم لكم دينكم و مالياش دين

that's why some atheists call themselves humanists and I'm ok with that in the Arabic version "ensany"

Well, sense that (el7ad) means (going astray), then I prefer to call myself a (non-theistغير مؤمن) or (skepticشكوكي ) 

As what Voltaire said:~ "Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd"

As long as I'm doubtful or a skeptic, I can call myself a freethinker..

Most of us on this site are refugees from the Judeo-Christian religion, but there are doubtless - and you are living proof - refugees from other religions as well, and let me say that all are welcome here.

Those of us who are former Christians, or those who have never ascribed to a religion, probably don't know a great deal about Islam, and I'm sure that many of us would like to. You have stated above, "you might find this not interesting if u don't speak Arabic," but that isn't true. You have been kind enough to translate most of what you said in your opening remarks into English, and I personally found it very interesting.

I realize it could be a real pain in the butt to translate everything, but there are many of us who don't speak or read Arabic, who would likely be interested, if you would.

The more that Westerners know and understand of Islam, the better the understanding between our cultures.

thanx for your Reply ... i really appreciate it :)

As an atheist friend put it once.. "When there are 80% of the world population believing in some sort of deity its important to make the message clear that there are others who do not"

But i personally prefer as Manson said.. go with Humanist 


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