This group is kind of dead so I don't know if anyone will answer me but I have been an atheist for a few years now and needless to say I feel so very alone in my beliefs so it's a relief to find a group like this so I can discuss here what I can't discuss in real life.

I would like to know how the members of this group came to break free from their respective religion and what was the main turning point that made them wake up and start questioning the validity of their religion?

Also how do you cope with being an atheist in such a predominantly religious country? Did you tell anyone about your beliefs (or lack thereof) ? If so how did they react and did it affect your relationship with them? 

I wish I can be open about my atheism and not have the constant threat that someone will harm me because I am a non-believer. I wish I can tell my family and my friends how I feel without the fear of them disowning me or abandoning me or worse. 
Do you think there will ever come a day were you can openly express your disbelief here in Egypt without the threat of death hanging over your head?

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Hi EgyAgnostic, another egyption is coming out :D....i see most of you care too much to how the others turned to atheism and left islam but what i'm worry about is what after in here in egypt i think we should start a discussion here about how we turned to atheism ( that's interesting btw) then a discussion of how could we deal with that now and later.... i think you and Dream start the first discussion hopefully that more egyptians come out :) .


Sorry for jumping in on the conversation but I personally am interested in learning how other Egyptians turned to atheism because we are so immersed in our ignorance and indoctrination that it is sometimes hard to believe we can break out so it is very interesting to hear how others were able to overcome this.

I started this thread to discuss both points but as you can see none of the members in this group are active with the exception of us three so I am not sure if there is a point in making another thread.

i wanted that cause there are so many things related to turning to an theist, and i expect the other members will be active soon.....and you can talk about your turning with more details, your remember when i told you about your age cause you are too young to get a decision like that and you just took a short period to make a decision for me it wasn't easy at all :) alot of thinking alot of searching myths from here Souna from there disproving Quran so-called miracles and reading about the two other abrahamic religions and some science (Big Bang theory-Evolution theory-Abiogenesis theory)..... i'd love all talk about that and the other members we should unit together and as you see other members suggested to make a club so we can meet each other some times some view of life is totally diffirent now it's like Neo in Matrix world it's really is, i'm so so happy now not sad at all it's too much fun and i can see a purpose for life for me at least.....After life Heaven wasn't an aim at all for me and i saw it so boring and the life we live is so interesting, you have no idea of how i love my life now.....yes we should talk about this so many and i want to speak in arabic a little cause i'm not so good in english XD.

Cheers and i wish you a nice day...

I may be young but believe me I didn't become an atheist on a whim. I have done a lot of research too and I have read about both sides of the argument . I admit I didn't read the whole Quran and I don't know much about Christianity or Judaism but I know enough. 
I love science science and I have read about all the theories that you mentioned. And I am capable of logical thought so I don't feel the need to know everything there is to know about religion or God to reject them.
The two points I made weren't about how I became an atheist. They were rather about why I started questioning religion/God.
It's more than 3 years since then and I know it doesn't seem like a lot but I understand a lot about what it means to be an atheist and what are the implications of it all. I'm sure there is more to understand but I am on my way :D

Law 3ayez tetkalem bel 3araby etfadal mafesh moshkela :D m3lesh ana hatkalem be la5bata been el 3araby wel English 3shan some things make more sense that way.
I find the concept of heaven very boring too xD I also find it takes away from our free will in some ways too.
Sad2ne ana kman ba7eb 7ayate gedan w shayfa en this is a better state of being.

bel nesba le ba2et el members if you can get them out of their state of suspended animation that would be great :D w bgd nefse kolena net2abel de hatb2a 7aga gamela 5ales. 

I know Arabic isn't the easiest of languages so kudos to you :D 
I actually didn't want to talk in Arabic because I didn't want to exclude you but then I figured you might not be interested in the discussion.

Well I then I will continue in English unless otherwise necessary :) 

You can just reply to the post before it and it will sort itself out.

Really? I thought doctors generally made good money.

I find sociology really fascinating. Like psychology I feel like it teaches us a lot about human interactions and relationships and helps us understand society in general. 
Sorry you couldn't find a job in the field. You can find one in the future though right?

It is really refreshing to hear from an Egyptian atheist. I am not Egyptian but have been living here for 5 years and all this time I have been pretending to be a christian. The few times that I did bring up that i don't really believe in God, thought me that it's best not to discuss religion with Egyptians at all, no matter how open minded they seem.

Atheism simply doesn't exist here. It's frustrating having to pretend to be something you are not. Especially since my parents brought me up as atheists and it is something perfectly normal where I come from. I can imagine it is even harder if you know that your family is not going to accept your beliefs.

Hmm, I thought that it would be easier for a foreigner to express his disbelief since we sort of have a double standard. For instance a foreigner girl can wear shorts but if an Egyptian girl does it, it is unacceptable. But I guess it isn't as easy for you as I thought. 
I imagine it is especially hard for you since you were brought up in an environment where you can express you views freely. 

Yes, it is very hard for us ex-Muslims but we are trying to manage. I hope you can too, I know how frustrating it can be.

Atheism does exist here no matter how hard they try to ignore or stifle it, and if you are feeling lonely in your beliefs here then you can always talk to us. After all this is what this group was created for :)

I definitely know what you mean when you say there are double standards for foreigners, but this double standard comes mainly out of pity for foreigners who simply don't know any better.

It becomes different when you are living in Egypt for as long as I have. Then people start expecting different things from you. Especially since I have taken up a lot of things from Egyptian culture. I am married to an Egyptian, I work here and almost all of my friends, colleagues and family on my husband's side are Egyptian. I started speaking Arabic, I joke in Arabic, I watch Egyptian television and I cook really good mahshi and molokhiyya :)..

So people are starting to wonder after all these changes why the religious part of Egyptian culture still hasn't sunken in. My coptic friends invite me to their church and my Muslim friends give me copies of the Qur'an or little brochures about the so called scientific correctness of the Quran.It seems that all of them are trying to save me from the fires of hell :)..

I wish I could just come out as an atheist, but I know that most people will never look at me the same way if I did. A lot of times I have to fight the urge of saying what I really think when people are discussing religion, but I just keep quiet in the end. It is so hypocritical, but I don't want to lose people's respect.

Is your husband a Muslim?
You can cook mahshi and molokhiya? That makes you more Egyptian than I am :D

Oh it sounds like you get hounded even worse than we do in that regard. At least with us people think we are Muslims so only nag us about our prayers and the like, but they don't try to force their whole religion on us. 
Seems to me that they know you are an atheist or least irreligious which explains why they are trying to sway you. That you they are really, really insensitive xD
I understand that in their mind they are "saving you" but that is exactly why it is so bad. They think they are doing a good thing so they probably won't give up so easily.

Yea, if only we could all come out. It would be so much easier.
Maybe you can tell your closest friends, take some of the pressure off. I don't think they would lose respect for you. They will probably just feel sorry for you. But then again they might nag you even more so I guess you should do what you think is the best.

Oh yeah, I knew I arrived at an important milestone when I cooked my first pot of mahshi. You should try it though, it's not as difficult as it seems.

Yes, my husband is a muslim, but he is not the problem. He knows that I am not religious because I told him so when we were first dating and before we got married I told him that I could never see myself converting to Islam. It is 5 years later and our different beliefs haven't caused a problem. He has never pushed his beliefs on me and I have never pushed my beliefs on him. I even support him in his faith as much as I can. For example, I know he feels bad about hardly ever praying, so I drag him out of bed every friday to go to friday prayer.

I guess you could say that we agree to disagree. I have come out to other people in the past however when I first came to Egypt and I always regretted it. Either they keep bothering me with their incessant attempts to change my mind or they just act more coldly around me afterwards. Eitherway, they disapprove.

I do think for ex muslims it 's much harder. There is something so taboo about it. You are not just an atheist, you 're an apostate, which has an even worse connotation. Unfortunately it seems that Egyptian society is becoming more and more extreme when you look at the number of bearded men and women with niqabs walking around lately...


No, thank you. I will end up poising innocent people xD

I have to say, I am both surprised and happy to hear that. Islam only allows Men to marry Christians and Jews so it is very open-minded of your husband to do otherwise. I really admire him and you too as well; you are very supportive and understanding. You sound like a very healthy couple and I wish you the best in your future.

Well in that case, you are right in not revealing your beliefs to anyone anymore. It's really embarrassing how intolerant Egyptians have become. Hopefully it might get better someday.

Haha yea, my family and I always joke about that. It's like "Where the hell did they come from all of a sudden?" xD 
There is something inherently threatening about an apostate and I think the reason for that is: With an atheist who didn't have a Muslim background for example, Muslims can always say that "Oh, he just doesn't know any better" 
But with an apostate, he know about Islam as much as they do but he still rejected it so they are faced with the fact that he must have found something seriously wrong with Islam that caused him leave it and that causes doubt in their own beliefs. That becomes apparent in the harsh punishment for apostasy so as to not spread that skepticism.
Well that is my hypothesis anyway :D   


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