This group is kind of dead so I don't know if anyone will answer me but I have been an atheist for a few years now and needless to say I feel so very alone in my beliefs so it's a relief to find a group like this so I can discuss here what I can't discuss in real life.

I would like to know how the members of this group came to break free from their respective religion and what was the main turning point that made them wake up and start questioning the validity of their religion?

Also how do you cope with being an atheist in such a predominantly religious country? Did you tell anyone about your beliefs (or lack thereof) ? If so how did they react and did it affect your relationship with them? 

I wish I can be open about my atheism and not have the constant threat that someone will harm me because I am a non-believer. I wish I can tell my family and my friends how I feel without the fear of them disowning me or abandoning me or worse. 
Do you think there will ever come a day were you can openly express your disbelief here in Egypt without the threat of death hanging over your head?

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Thank you so much for the support. It means a lot to me.
"God" know we atheists here in Egypt need it xD

Where are you from then? and were you always an agnostic? If you don't mind me asking of course :)

i tried to communicate with the other members but i see no response in that group, and about the difficulties that an atheist could face here in egypt depend on the surrounding enviroment and the ideology of his my friends kinda open minded they know that i'm an atheist and they take this as some say "you're a fuck'n crazy" or "i wish god lead you to the right way" :D, i don't wanna discuss why i left my religion but i left it after 6 years of suffering, aiming the truth .... Now i feel better than ever regardless the loneliness and isolation that i'm in, now i'm watching the world from outside.....According to your age you don't know  the truth as much as you feel there's something wrong.

slightly you can't express your believe in public, you do that you shake hands with death himself :D

and of course you can tell your family once you can depend on yourself in life they will accept that after a while


Yea I kinda guessed this group was dead because of the lack of posts but I couldn't help but post anyway since there is no other group like this I could find.

You are right of course a lot of it depends on the environment but as I am sure you know the "environment" isn't very tolerant here :D
You are lucky you have these kind of friends. I have only told one person about me being an atheist and that was my best friend. She is trying to be understanding and generally we avoid the whole discussion altogether but I can't help but feel it still changed things. 
Still I wish I can be more open about the whole thing and not have just one person know. Not because I want to cram my beliefs down anybody's throat but rather so they would stop cramming their beliefs down mine xD After all there is only so many times you can hear "why don't you pray?" or the ever insisting "when are you gonna wear the head scarf?" or have unwanted discussions about how great this particular god is and pretend you agree before you inevitably blurt out "No I don't agree with you because I am a freakin' atheist" and that just might be the last thing you will ever say xD 
Aww when you say you don't want to discuss something you only make the other person want to discuss it more. You should know better than that xD but OK I will respect your privacy :)

Yea right! I wish I can tell my family more than anyone but a) it will break my mother's heart because of the whole "my daughter is going to hell" thing. I can never do that to her and b) I don't know what my father will do and I would like to believer he wouldn't hurt me but honestly when it comes to religion you never know. It is a very dangerous thing and sadly it can even turn a father on his own daughter.

I didn't understand the part about my age.

OK I am gonna stop babbling now :D Thanks for you reply :)

i meant when i said no discussion about islam as you already know the truth but if you have any doubts please confrim me i'll be glad to help you with that :) ....the part about your age i mean you just have doubts at this age not the whole thing.....

Personally i think nobody in that world could assume there's a god or not, but i'm pretty sure that if there's a god it won't be that god in the ebrahimian religions...

i hope that being an atheist not gonna lead to sadness, it should lead you to happiness...don't try to convince some one in atheism it only came with self discussions and doubts....... only if she/he asking you for that...


the problem that i think i could face is how to make a stable life and a family in that community that we live in... how can i raise my children in that ruined community that what i hoped to discuss with the other members in this group.

thank you for your support :)... yes there're alot of atheists here in egypt they're afraid to communicate but sounds good anyway and the good thing is atheism will prevail the world after one or two hundred years :)

big LOL XD

You read my mind Monica! After reading above "atheism will prevail in 1 or 2 hundred years" I thought 'yeah, if we don't kill each other first!"



Monica. I definitely understand where the guy was coming from it easier to express your beliefs to foreigners because they are generally more open-minded and of course it took time to tell you the truth seeing as how this is a very delicate matter but I am so glad that he met you and was able to be honest with you. I can tell you that that probably was a great relief to him and that it meant a great deal to him.

I don't know if there are a lot of atheists here in Egypt but I do know that there are a lot of very confused people who are afraid to pursue the truth for fear of the wrath that will face them if the do. The constant fear of hell. The fear of death if you voice your doubts. I can't tell you how many times I have heard people ask the same questions that got me on the way to where I am today and I don't need to go far for an example my little brother has doubts but unfortunately his thoughts and pursuit of truth is cut short and he is told that he should never think of such things and he is afraid to ask any questions so that he won't get yelled at. I try to help him and I try to get him to think for himself and not be afraid to look for answers but there is only so much I can do without exposing myself. 

I don't know a lot about Romania but I gotta say I am a little surprised to hear that. Well all I can say is good luck and I hope you will be safe and that in the future we will all be able to express our beliefs without fear.
I think Manson is right. Atheism will prevail in the end. It is only natural what with the advancements in science and technology it will be inevitable.There are already countries like England where they norm are atheists. I just hope I get to see it before I die though I seriously doubt it  xD  

I thought you didn't want to talk about it because it's personal.
Well I sometimes have moments of doubt. Everybody has those but I am very secure in my stance.
I still don't get the part about the age xD what whole thing? Sorry bear with me.

Personally I think nobody can say without a shadow of doubt that there is no god or some kind of higher being but given the complete lack of evidence of such being one has to assume that it simply doesn't exist. Just like unicorns nobody can prove they don't exist but that doesn't mean that they do and you will certainly be viewed as crazy if you believe it does exist. The burden of the proof lies with the one making the claim. and you are right if there really is a god somewhere I am pretty sure it won't be the cruel and awful god of the abrahamic religions or at least for the sake of every human being let's hope it's not xD

I can understand how many people can get depressed if they stop believing in god because they think they don't have a purpose anymore or that their lives has no meaning. I am by no means one of these people. I think it's an amazing thing that we -a bunch of atoms and molecules- are actually self aware and are able to observe and study this breath-taking universe around us. It's a miracle for lack of a better word. After I came to terms with my atheism I felt more alive and free than I ever have. For the first time in my life I felt that I am actually in charge of my own life. I am sure that there will come moments in my life when I will doubt myself and maybe I will be a little sad for a while but I will get over it and continue to live my life the best I can :)

I would never force my beliefs on another person. I suffer from this very thing and I will not inflict it on another person. I don't care what anyone's beliefs are as long as they don't try to push it on me and I know first hand that you definitely shouldn't try to make someone an atheist because I myself would not have listened to anyone in a million years if they had tried to convince me to be an atheist. I actually never thought there were any atheist in the world anymore until I became one (I thought Mohamed killed them all or something xD) I believe this is something people should come to realize on their own. You can only offer your insight if they ask for it.

You raise a very good point and one I have thought a lot about . How can you raise you children in a society that pushes their beliefs in you face like this. I personally want to wait until my children grow up and decide for themselves but how can that be an option if the schools and everyone keeps trying to fill their head with their indoctrination. It will also be very dangerous for the kids themselves if they tell anyone about their parents being non-believers because kids may not realize that they shouldn't say that. and of course there is the subject of the husband or the wife. What if they are religious? I don't know about you but for me personally I can't just tell my fiancée or boyfried or whatever that I am an atheist for obvious reasons.
tab eh el 7al?

Sorry about the long reply you got me going and I don't exactly have anyone else to discuss these thing with.

 :) you're welcome at any time and i'm glad to do so...telling the partner sure is not a wise thing i assume your partner some day is an atheist but the problem is how can you marry each other and how would you deal with your children to face that socity as you said....i only find one solution is to leave this country to another has alot of atheist like sweden and denmark and that also a hard thing

Thank you that is very sweet of you.

Telling the partner this is not very wise seeing as how it is a sin to marry an atheist. A very big one.
Leaving the country and marrying a foreigner isn't easy especially for girls. I am afraid that might not be an option.
Let's hope we find a parter who shares out beliefs or at least tolerates them. 

and there'll be the children's problem still stands especially with those salafists but in general i think it is a good point the appearance of the muslems brotherhood and salafists to know religion in its true face and even if people didn't turn to an atheist they will be not religious any more .


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