I wanna try alcohol for the first time but I'm absolutely ignorant in the subject so if any of you can answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it.

1) what drink do you recommend for a first timer who doesn't wanna get drunk?
2) how long do the effects of that drink last? My parents are muslims so they won't approve and I would get in serious trouble if they saw me and found out.
3) where can I get that drink?

I would prefer you don't suggest beer because I heard that it tastes like shit and I want something I would enjoy.

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If you're not used to it, it all tastes like shit first time.  I would actually recommend beer because it's not all that strong (4 - 5% alcohol) compared with wine (9 - 13% alcohol) or spirits (35-40% alcohol).  The effects of a pint of beer probably take 2-3 hours to wear off.  They say it's 1 hour per unit of alcohol (equivalent to 25 ml spirits).  I like beer and spirits but wine isn't my thing. 

Well I tried Heineken, nasty stuff. I don't know what other kinds of beer are available in Egypt though.

I've started taking a can of beer into the shower with me when I wash my hair, since it takes about 3 hours and it gets boring. 

I know that now, thank you :)

Alcohol is a liquid drug. It is the only drug accepted by many societies around the world. It has destroyed so many lives over the millenia because some individuals cannot control their insatiable desire to consume it. That being said I can happily confess to enjoying on a daily basis a glass or two of wine. And my recommendation would be to try ONE glass of wine; wait a short while to experience the effects and then, MAYBE, try just one more. Then stop! If you consume too much you will pay the price with a cloudy head and a hangover the next day. Cheers mate!

En vino veritas..... 

I'm keeping that in mind and I'm probably gonna wait a few years.
Won't wine be too much for me though?

@ Dream - a glass of wine is pretty light.  That would be a good first-time drink.  I prefer white - light and floral - rather than red - heavy and fruity. 

I don't know about that turns out I'm a wuss and only a bit of vodka was enough to make me dizzy.

I agree, Champagne is your best bet.  It tastes nice and makes you giggle after just one glass.  It's no stronger than regular wine. 

Ohh impressive :D
Thanks that's a lot of useful information.

There are all kinds of horror stories.  Recently on the radio I heard a lady speaking who had gone blind because she had fallen down the stairs drunk and gone unconscious and then her dog chewed bits of her face off trying to wake her up.  This is a true story.  People are always falling down the stairs drunk.  My friend cracked a rib because he fell onto this dragon sculpture thing.  Injuries are a real danger. 

As I understand it, if you have all kinds of things boiling just beneath the surface of your personality, which you normally keep a lid on, alcohol can remove the lid.  Hence drunk texting, ill-advised sex, belligerent anger, things like that. 


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