I have a question about the uprisings in Egypt. Various articles state that the Egyptian people are dissatisfied with the economic situation and this is why they demanded that Morsi step down. Do you think that this is true? What are your views of the situation and the reasons for the uprisings?

In other words: What is wrong with Morsi in the eyes of the protesters?

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just one word will tell what's wrong with morsi and describe him >>> " L O S E R "   ., that's morsi in my personal eyes

I think this is a very important question because between Egyptian media and Western media, there is such a huge gap of information. I'm not living in Egypt right now, but I have Egyptian tv and I stay in close contact with friends, family and activists that I have met online. Most people in the West for example don't know half the crap that Morsi did. I will give you everything with dates, and you can go compare all western media outlets between New york times and CNN, you will find nothing on this. It has been hushed. Then I'll give you some resources to check out for yourself. 

You cannot talk about Mohamed Morsi without talking about Tantawi and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF). These guys are the ones who took over after Mubarak "stepped down". They were quite brutal, fascist, and counterproductive. Evidence also points to strong connections with Mubarak, since after all, he was part of SCAF. These are the military generals that run the army (and the country behind the curtains). They control like what 40% of the budget? There is no civil power overseeing them. They control so much land and resources. No one holds them accountable for what they do. They force egyptian men to conscript for compulsory military duty for 1-3 years or more for some. So basically, then run shit. They have since Abdel Nasser's coup against the British + Turkish colonizers. And power in Egypt has been passed from top general to top general with fake elections on the side to give the nice little pseudodemocracy spice. So basically, they wrecked the revolution after taking over. They killed protestors. They created unjust laws. They cracked down on activists who started and participated in the Jan 25th revolution. They let the Mubarak regime loose. And the Brotherhood was heavily sucking up to them in order to reserve a slice of the cake. The Brotherhood has been arguably doing this with the Mubarak regime as well, that's how they were able to make it in parliament even though elections were fraud... because Mubarak put them there. Also if you look at old records, the Brotherhood actually denounced the revolution in the beginning, and were the first to negotiate with the Mubarak regime and agree to make amends, but people didn't agree with them and continued to protest and they just went along. 
Now when Morsi took over, he did so while under SCAF's supervision. SCAF still controlled a lot of things in the background. They just left the fluffy government stuff which they don't give a shit about as long as it's a puppet regime that agrees with their terms, to the Brotehrhood. They set up deals (see meetings between tantawi and brotherhood leaders before elections... I think clinton attended one of those meetings), and they divided power. SCAF still committed atrocities while Morsi was in power, but we were all so focused on the man's complete idiocy and fascist actions to notice. Now as of what Morsi did on his own, here's a list:
-Completely and utterly fuck up the constitution. He set up a committee that doesn't represent the population. It was a fascist committee, and the people who were not Islamists quit. Actually I think 48% of the committee quit before the final draft was finished, which nullifies the committee's powers. 

-In October the 6th he said that IMF bank loans are okay in Islam and so we should take them... so he could pocket the money and put the government in more debt and more foreign imposed economic policies. Even though he specifically claimed they were against Islam when he was an MP under mubarak. clearly something effed up here and the guy is playing theologian. 

-The constitution they made was crappy and fascist in all aspects. Take a look, it's online in english. 

- Sometime in november-When the committee was fucking up, he decided to make a constitutional decree declaring himself God (by God I mean just giving himself full dictatorial powers).

-November 22nd, Tahrir square protests (Gika)-People protested and so he ordered the police to use force to end the protests. 

-December 4th, presidential palace protests- People held more protests and so the Brotherhood gathered a group of armed men, went and rampaged the protest themselves. They killed a lot of people and tortured soooo many.... publicly. on the street. they even fucking filmed it and all. Look up El Husseiny Abo Deif

-The attorney general which Morsi had hired issued charges against the VICTIMS. 
-Protests persisted but the police did not get involved until end of January. 
-His constitution was not getting much support, so he ordered all mosques to tell people to vote yes and tell them they'll go to hell if they don't. For this, see photos and videos of people protesting in mosques in egypt, and photos of Morsi running out of his Mosque barefoot because people started rioting inside against him. 

-Judges across the country refused to accept the constitution, and because they were refused the powers to bring down anything due to the decree that Morsi made, they decided to boycott the referendum. Boycotting the referendum means that no one oversees and monitors it, which would mean it's illegal. So Morsi got a bunch of fake judges to monitor instead (no literally mass judge impersonations). See NGO and human rights groups reports on this. 
-People protested in Jan 25th and were met with massive violence. Many killed in different cities. Small protests happened before and were also met with violence. Look up Kristy.

-Cases of political detainments and torture. 
-Two cities broke out in mass protests due to a court case went bad. There was some shooting on both sides. The next day protests persisted, but more peacefully. Morsi cut his visit to Germany short (check out videos on gas and alcohol don't mix), came back and announced city wide curfews and ordered police to use violence to enforce it. People held mass funerals for the people who died the day before in Port Said for example... the funeral was also fired at. 
-Portests went on in February and in March. They were met with brutality. Videos of a man being stripped and beaten right in front of the presidential palace in march. A woman dragged by her hair in the same area too. People killed and detained. 

-He sued a number of journalists and opposition members for phoney charges. He also put a lot of activists behind bars. Look up Bassem Youssef and Ahmad Doma and Mahinoor El Masry...

-His Shura body was also passing a bunch of bogus bills... like banning the art of ballet for some fucked up reason. lol

-This is all one thing and his blatant connection with terrorists is another. He appointed the head of a terrorist organization as governor for the very city that his very organization is suspected of bombing in the 70s. He also invited a number of terrorists (unapologetic, self admitted, and founders of huge groups) for tea in the presidential palace. he invited them to important conferences and speeches. They also led the pro-Morsi protests for him in Raba'a. Look up Abbud Al Zumur and Assem Abdel Maged. Also look Luxur governor jihadi terrorist. 

All cases of violence were recorded by amnesty, human rights watch, El Nadim centre, Al Andalus, etc. See the reports yourself. 


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