like every week.. we will be meeting on Sunday.. at 7:00 PM downtown..

If you feel like you are have no one whom you can freely speak out your thoughts to or just want to meet a like minded gang, send me a message and i will tell you the place

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there is 5 people see ur fucken words and say no fucken word thats mean what

1. they dont give a fuck

2. they cant write any thing

3. they are still afraid (i dont know from what)

plz any1 answer me i gonna be crazy 

Probably the ones who checked the post are us who already meet..

Honestly i think most ppl are scared.. The reason though is beyond my imagination.. whats dangerous or wrong about a few ppl hanging out and have a chat .. 

well we do what we can to help like minded ppl, so my conscience is clear 


yes indeed

I am glad to here that .. i guess i was mistaken in your case at least :)

I simply don't give a fuck



i am a new member and would love to join you on your weekly meetings

you are welcome mostafa, we are meeting today.. i will send you a PM now

Sorry to all but todays gathering will be cancelled as most of us got busy in life.. we will probably be meeting after the first 10 days of ramadan..

ya ged3an, eih? 2ntoh feen? ba2ena 10 ramadan wa lesah mat2belnash tany! eih 2el nezam.


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