Alber Saber, a former christian and currently an atheist, admin of the "Egyptian Atheists facebook page" was attacked by mob and arrested by the police on Thursday evening. He is accused of atheism , disgracing religions, and disseminating the anti-islam film (he only shared it on his page) .

It's still vague how it all started , but one news site stated that Alber (24 years) invited a muslim friend to his house when that friend used Alber's PC and knew of his atheism and the facebook page he is running.
 a fierce argument erupted between the both , he dragged him to the streets were the mob gathered and attacked Alber, they even wanted to burn his house.

The police was called in, they arrested him and accused him of the charges mentioned above.

There is a video of the incident uploaded on YouTube  where the angry mob is seen demanding Saber be apprehended. Hundreds of angry protesters had gathered before police arrived. As Saber was hauled to the police van, insults were heard being hurled at the man, with many calling for his death due to him being an infidel.

Alber decided to go on hunger strike starting from today, what i fear is that even if they set him free, the mob won't let him live and they will probably kill him.

i don't know what we should do .. i feel so helpless.

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Wow, this country just got a violent shove into Iranism!

I found a solidarity page on FB to support him and provide as much as possible up-to-date information on his case.

Like, share, spread the word, that's a way to help.

Done and done! :-)

Obviously, if he lives, his life will never be the same - he must relocate and likely separate from his family. I guess the moral here, if there is one, is don't let anyone into your house you don't completely trust.

I'm not entirely sure what Amnesty International does, but does anyone suppose an organization exists that could help him and offer him a safe place to live?

I really don't know, the only thing I can think of right now is to spread the word, keep the spotlight on it so that people get accustomed to the fact that there are atheists and there are difference of opinion and ideology in the country, in the hope that this background-shock will cease. It was rather shocking to me that there are in fact many Egyptians that don't think atheists exist in the country and think it's a new phenomenon.

If the majority of people keep on supporting and encouraging such an oppressive society, I believe Egypt will face the same fate of Sudan, now I'm not sure if that's bad or good, but what I know is that life cannot possibly continue in this country like that, segregation to avoid conflict might very well evolve to be a sound solution for such a society.

What is needed is religious tolerance - the freedom for anyone to believe what they choose. Sounds simple in principal, but I have no idea how to bring it about.

well, i'm optimistic .. the good thing about the rise of Islamist and extremism is that people now know the true face of their Religion.

yesterday on TV they were discussing the legalization of pedophilia as islam didn't forbid it but actually allowed it when Muhammad married a 6 years old child.

Islamist now are trying to make pedophilia a normal thing and this is facing great opposition by the community.

little by little they will know that religion is not enough for morality and deciding what's right and what's wrong.

There is no such thing as Religious tolerance in Islam .. Islam teaches its people that those losing their faith, questioning islam or criticizing it can't be tolerated and shouldn't be accepted among them.

there is a huge crisis of faith storming Egypt these days as they are realizing the fact that their morals don't go along with their religion.

i hope that morality wins in the end.

@Marvel - RE: "questioning islam or criticizing it can't be tolerated and shouldn't be accepted among them"

Quasi-Christian sects, such as Mormonism and Scientology, and I believe the Amish, also practice "shunning" those who break from those faiths, but there's no incitement to kill them (yet).

little by little they will know that religion is not enough for morality and deciding what's right and what's wrong.

Egyptians have been picking and choosing what to follow and what not to bring up often because they do not like. I think religion in Egypt has not been a conviction but a mere social construct which people use and define amongst themselves. That is due to the majority of the population seeking a simpleton-like traditional life that does not require an understanding of a rich theological structure, consequently, even if icons of the extremist wing appears to be preposterous; Egyptians will retain their favored interpretation of religion and simply discard the fundamentalist view -- It is not a crisis of faith per se, but rather a social reform.

Although I think it would certainly be a faith crisis if icons of the moderate wing adopted the views from the extremists and presented it to the public as thee religion, in which case the population will most certainly face quite a shock and will have the incentive necessary to start questioning their religion and actually read it for the first time with open eyes. But I seriously doubt that anything of this will be happening soon, simply because Al-Azhar will loose monumental ground amongst people; and I bet you know that Al-Azhar is a very strong mass-control arm for the government that cannot be so foolishly sacrificed.

The greatest barrier to Islamic enlightenment that I see (as an outsider), is that presently, Islam is mired in the same rut that American Christianity went through in the 1600's - the "believe or die!" mentality --

"Islamic enlightenment" wow, now there really is an oxymoron !

He's referring to the Islamic golden age ( Which I think is a misnomer as the nations that has been Islamized were already nations of science and philosophy.

And I'd say that Islam has been only an amplifier to what is an otherwise cultural diarrhea of the Arabian peninsula.

RE: "He's referring to the Islamic golden age" - No, I was referring to bringing Islam into the 21st Century.


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