There's a series on BBC World Service radio at the moment: Egypt's Challenge, all about the current political situation in Egypt.  Here's the link: only part 1 has been aired so far.

There's an archive of the programmes available for download here.

One thing I picked up on is that at one point, the interviewer seemed to equate the desire for tolerance and a pleasant enjoyable life with Western liberal values.  This seems very weird.  Surely everyone in the world wants to be happy.  There's always been this strand in religion which says that it's morally wrong to enjoy yourself.  Even the Western Buddhists make a career out of it, which is why they're still scratching around in the dust and all they've got is their goofy rituals.  It's a misplaced, warped version of the valid idea that focusing exclusively on the ends and designs of the self and ignoring what's best is a moral and spiritual dead end. 

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The second part about media was awesome :))


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