Anonymous wrote, "I find so many of these comments chilling, along with the atmosphere of anti-Muslim sentiment. (Note: I am not a Muslim!) Just as in Christianity, there are all shades of Islam. We know several very progressive, kind, loving, peaceful, enlightened Muslims who have nothing to do with the extreme fundamentalism which lay behind the 9/11 attacks."

When you learn about Islam, when you read the Quran, I'm afraid you will be even more chilled. It is shocking and disturbing in a way you now can't imagine. I had exactly your point of view before I began learning about this. And when I heard "anti-Muslim" statements, I distrusted the source. But I would like to say in my defence that after learning that there are 245 verses in the Quran that say something positive about non-Muslims, but they have all been abrogated, and that there are 527 verses in the Quran that say something negative about non-Muslims, including 109 that call for violence against non-Muslims, and that none of them have been abrogated, that I definitely developed an anti-Islam sentiment. As an ex-Muslim, I see nothing about this that I like.
About the fact that you know some peaceful, loving Muslims: I do too. Three of them are my friends. They are truly three of the nicest people I know. Not one of them has read the Quran entirely. That's part of the issue. There are lot of Muslims whose only knowledge of Islam comes from their heterodox parents (mino's), who happen to be nice people and who ignore much of Islam's teachings. (MINO= muslim in name only)

But another issue is perhaps more important here. The existence of nice Muslims does not invalidate the statement that Islamic teachings advocate intolerance and violence toward non-Muslims. The fact that you know a Muslim who knows how to get along with non-Muslims does not mean he would not also advocate imposing Sharia law on non-Muslims, and does not mean he is not actively striving toward that goal. The fact that he is really nice does not mean he repudiates the supremacist nature of Islamic teachings. The existence of a Muslim who happens to be charming does not discredit the reality of islamic teachings.

"There Are Millions of Muslims in This Country and They're Not Blowing Things Up" - What is a "MINO"?

The question is, "If it's true what you're saying about Islamic doctrine — if it's true that violence against non-Muslims is mainstream Islam and it is explicit and inherent in the Quran and Hadith and Sira — why aren't all Muslims trying to kill us?"

Islam's prime directive is not to kill all non-Muslims. It is to bring all people under the rule of Sharia law. According to mainstream and accepted Islamic doctrine — accepted in all schools of Islamic jurisprudence — once non-Muslims are subjugated, they are to be given the choice between one of the following: a) converting to Islam, b) living as a subjugated, second-class citizen (a dhimmi), or c) execution. But that is after conquering non-Muslims by war.

But for many Muslims living in Western democracies, they do not believe we are in a state of open warfare yet. We are in the "pre-conquest" stage. Mohammad set the example. When he was not powerful — when Muslims were a minority in Mecca — Mohammad did not kill anyone. He focused on gaining converts. It was only when he could act from a position of strength that he began using violence. All Muslims are supposed to follow his example. This one fact alone can fully explain the lack of universal violence among Muslims against non-Muslims.

But of course, many Muslims aren't aware of this program. The imams are fully aware of it, but many regular Muslim citizens don't know about Islam's prime directive, and at the moment, they don't need to know. It is best for Islam's ultimate goal if they just innocently go about their lives having babies and raising them to be devout Muslims.

Not many Muslims have read the Quran or understand it, partly because it has been made difficult to understand, and sometimes because many Muslims are only Muslim in name only (MINOs), or simply Muslim by birth, and they haven't taken the time to learn what they're supposed to do, and if they have, they're not interested in pursuing it.

Unfortunately, many of these apatheistic Muslims are unwitting sleeper cells. Many Muslims are secretly heterodox. They are somewhat vulnerable to recruitment, and their children are even more vulnerable to recruitment, which explains why a new study in Britain found that second generation British Muslims are more "radical" than their immigrant parents.

But for the moment, the MINOs are trying to do the one thing a Muslim must never do: Ignore the Messenger (Mohammad). So they may be perfectly nice, peace-loving people. I know three Muslims, and they are some of the nicest people I've ever met. None of them prays five times a day, and not one of them has read the Quran. I know far more about Islam than they do.

But the point is, they are three of the "millions of Muslims" who are not blowing things up. But notice this says nothing about the doctrine. They can function like sleeper cells without even knowing it. How? By simply raising each of their children to believe they are Muslims. They may not practice any of the five pillars of Islam, but they identify themselves as Muslims (apostasy is difficult, uncomfortable, and even dangerous).

So they go along with the program, and say things like, "the Quran is the perfect and final word of Allah" because they're supposed to.

Then as a teen perhaps, their child goes to a mosque (eighty percent in America preach jihad) to explore his roots a little and meets someone there who has read the Quran, who has studied it and believes in it, and he says to the kid, "do you realize your parents are hypocrites?" And what young, rebellious teen is not willing to hear that?

So the recruiter gives him a copy of the Quran and tells him to read it, and talks to him about what it really says (that he must follow its teachings or he has no chance of getting to Paradise and every chance of burning in a fiery torment forever).

Yikes! The kid reads the Quran, something he has always been told is the direct word of Allah, and that's how we end up with "homegrown jihadists" like Nidal Hasan the Fort Hood shooter, Faisal Shahzad the Times Square bomber, Umar Abdulmutallab the underwear bomber, Mujahid Muhammad the Little Rock killer, Adam Gadahn the American-born senior al-Qaeda operative, John Walker Lindh the American fighting on the side of Afghanistan, the London bombers, the Boston bomber and on and on and on.

So yes, there are millions of Muslims who are not blowing anything up at the moment. But that does not mean we don't have a problem and we can all forget about it and go on about our business.


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