One of the things that drove me away from religion and Islam specifically is the oppression of women.

lately I've read a piece news that made me lose hope in humanity .Iran has banned women from studying in nearly 70 university courses making them exclusive to men, these courses include accounting, engineering, pure chemistry, English literature and translation, hotel management and more claiming that they are not suitable for women's nature

and what's exactly "the women's nature" that makes her that different?

They claim that women's only role is to serve her mate and entertain him.That claim is encouraged by the story of creationism of Adam and Eve, as Adam got bored from being lonely in Eden so God created Eve to entertain him and fulfill his pleasures, the one time Adam listened to Eve and followed her suggestions was when he ate the forbidden fruit and consequently were both kicked from Eden. (Note to Adam: Never ever take Eve seriously) :D:D

what's really funny is the claim that before Eve there was Lilith who refused Adam's oppression and refused to be under his control, so she was damned and replaced by Eve (a better version they said).

The story of Creationism implants the very early seeds of "Sexism" and women oppression.

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Its the first time i hear of Lilith so thanks for the information (is that in islam and christianity?)

Judaism and Islam are both semitic religions. If someone hates muslims, he is also an anti-semite.

Lilith exists in the jewish metholody .. the very first version of ibrahimic religions and creationism.

Originally, the word was Shemite, as all semitic peoples were believed to be descendants of the mythical Noah's mythical son, Shem. Just FYI --

The men who make such claims are only interested in power over women and use religion as the excuse to implement these laws. Such men are weak men. You elevate yourself by turning your back to them and in so doing you become a better man.

Hi Marvel, I agree with everything you said but it was the first time for me to hear about the Lilith thing.

As for the situation in Iran, it's only getting worse man and that is actually what I pessimistically expect for Egypt :(

Marvel --

Speaking of women's rights in an Islamic world, here is a blog I think you might get something from lookint into further - this lady is a Pakistani Muslim, living in England, and she's not reluctant to make it clear the things that bother her.

Her articles are extremely well written and well worth reading - who knows, you may find yourself commenting on her website:

thank you so much for the link ... her posts are really worth reading

You're certainly welcome - I had a feeling you would appreciate her work.


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